Monday, June 28, 2010


i have lots of little zucchini and tomatoes growing fast!

weekends are always too short. too short. O was throwing up all night friday night, so plans to get lots of flooring done on saturday got scrapped. O rested all day, but i got some things accomplished. some of those things were not pleasant. i trimmed the hedge or bush or whatever you want to call it in front of our house with a dull, electric trimmer. it took forever. it was out of control and had to be tamed! anyway. we made a short visit to the arts festival. our neighbors gave us free passes. woot! we went on a leisurely bike ride. i got blisters on my big toe this weekend when i went running. must be time for new running shoes eh? and, i made a necklace. it is prettier in person. it doesn't seem quite right though. i will probably take it apart and remake it.


  1. My mom makes yummy soup with fried squash blossoms...I will have to get the recipe!

  2. I would love to have that recipe. yum