Monday, June 21, 2010


i got a lot of bike riding in this weekend. that makes me happy. made a visit to the farmer's market on saturday morning with tonya. we ate some yummy sudanese food for lunch. oh, we were walking along on the way to the market, tonya and i, and tonya is 9 months pregnant by the way, and there is a homeless man sitting next to the sidewalk and he says something like, "oh my gosh, you are the most beautiful woman i've ever seen. you are so beautiful." then he points to tonya and says, "her".
as if i didn't know he was talking about the tall, dark, persian super model looking girl and not me! ha! it was actually perfect timing because tonya was just getting down on herself about the weight she has gained with her pregnancy. we had a good laugh. anyway...

had a bbq at O's dads house on father's day. i was in charge of salad. i made potato salad and used some dill from my garden. it was perfect weather sunday evening for sitting outside to eat and talk. we took gus with us. my nephew's and niece love that dog! my nephew, daniel, asked if dogs can dance. too cute.

i think my blog is getting too boring...

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