Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A visit from the Higdon's

my sister
and her boys
came to utah to visit
2 weekends ago
i am behind on my blogging...

auntie cyrie made smoothies one morning for breakfast
the kids loved them, but rowan got brain freeze
he grabbed his little face and started crying...

some sprinkler time with our cutest neighbor, micah
i don't know if you can tell, but micah has on a pair of chaco's
owen and i were out on the lawn chatting with our neighbor's one night
and i had my chaco's on
micah said something like, "hey, i have sandals just like those and you know sandals are
great because they are made to get wet."

exploring at temple square

a day off spent at the park

harper and rowan are a ball of energy and that is an understatement!
we were riding in the car on the way to a bbq at my father in law's house and i said, "what should we listen to?"
harper said, "prodigy", ya he's 4.
so we turned on some prodigy and i turned around and asked if it was too loud.
harper shook his head no and kept on jammin in his booster seat!
on our way home from the bbq, harper wanted to drive around a little longer and listen to the music real loud.
so, O decided to embarrass angie and i.
he pulled in to the park. a one way loop, rolled down all the windows and locked them, turned the music up full blast, hung his arm out the window like a gangsta and drove all the way around the park! chump
nieces and nephews are the best because they can be these holy terrors of destruction (believe me -there will be no grape juice at my house next time- only apple)
but then they come up to you and talk to you with these little people voices and say things like, "aunt cywie, can i give gus doggy tweat?" too cute.

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