Friday, June 25, 2010

thinking back

Me and my brother and the VW that he wouldn't take me to school in (and we went to the same school)
because it was more cool to take my super cute blond haired, tan girlfriends
that lived across the street. I know, I'm still not over it.
this picture was taken in maybe 94'
I was listening to Pink Floyd on the way to work this morning and I thought of this picture. Well, actually it made me think of the shirt I'm wearing in the picture. I must have thought I was so cool wearing my Pink Floyd t-shirt in high school. I was the biggest tomboy in the world. I'm pretty sure the only thing I wore in high school were t's and jeans and I often bought them in the boy's or men's departments. Ha! My Mom and I fought about this often. We would go shopping for school clothes and when I would head for the boy stuff she would say, "Cyrie, you are a girl! I am not buying you boy clothes." Do you remember this Mom? I wore no makeup. I was president of the outdoor club. Lots of my good friends were boys. I had lots of girlfriends too. I grew up in a small town called Price, where bats flew around in the movie theater while the movie was playing. My high school boyfriend lived in Salt Lake. ooohhh. The big city right. He was a life guard and would compete in climbing competitions. My friends and I would come up here to Salt Lake and do things with him, or he would come down to Price on the weekend and play with us there. I'm laughing thinking about it. On the weekends we would go hiking or climbing or just anything outside. There was no shopping, or painting of the fingernails, or glamour magazines, or wearing of cute dresses.... As far as high school goes, the education part is a joke (if you ask me), but boy did I have fun with my friends. I have lots of great memories. And don't worry, I had good grades. I only started becoming girly-ish in my mid twenties. Seriously. I'm definitely still a tomboy, but now I am a tomboy that likes to wear cute dresses and a little makeup! There is something about being in your thirties and wanting to feel feminine....

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  1. It is funny how much Sarah reminds me of you when you were little. She would only shop in the boy dept. too and now when she looks at the pix she says, "Ugh! Why did you let me where that??!!" Why is it ALways my fault?