Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer nights

someday i will buy a real camera instead of using my phone
and then my blog will be much prettier...

we've been eating outside every night and i love that. i make quick, easy fresh things when it is warm out. i don't want to spend a long time in the kitchen in the evening when it is nice out. the candles help with the mosquito's. little buggers. made some fresh limes with mint. so good. they were doing it at the farmers market and the line was forever long, so went home and made my own. i've been riding bikes almost every night. i like to ride from my house up to the mouth of parley's canyon. it is a good steady up hill the whole way and you know what that means, down hill the entire way back! if not that then i go running. however, neither one of those things and the fact that i never sit still, is getting rid of the pudginess i've adopted in my thirties. yuck.
anyway... i love it when it is light until almost 10:00. i feel like i have so much more time after work to have a life!

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