Friday, May 21, 2010


Ha, I'm glad it is Friday! My throat still hurts and my ears are still plugged. Yuck. It's weird because when I lay down I have a hard time swallowing. I think I must have tonsillitis or something. Oh, and I burned my leg on the motorcycle last weekend. That's gonna leave a mark. Anyway... I keep listening to that Moby/Kelli Scarr song. It's sort of haunting. I like it. We don't have too much planned for the weekend, but we'll be busy. We will work on the floors of course. I'm hoping we can get the dining room done and at least a good start on the kitchen. I'm going to finally plant my veggies. O and I have to speak in church Sunday. I hate that part.

Well, have a good weekend. I will leave you with one of my favorite TV on the Radio songs.


I framed this photo I took and it looks pretty cool

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  1. cyrie i am always amazed at our creativity and all the cool things you do- that is awesome, and good luck speaking- that always ruins a weekend for me!!!