Friday, May 14, 2010

flowers and food

these poppies along my driveway are about to bloom



fast, fresh, yummy dinner
Boil up some cheese tortellini.
In the mean while:
I sauteed one zucchini and one yellow summer squash in olive oil.
Then throw in some diced onion and a couple of cloves of minced garlic.
Give a squeeze of lemon juice from half a lemon .
Use lots of pepper and some salt and parsley.
Drain the pasta and go ahead and add it to the saute pan and give it a stir.
I cut up some vine tomatoes.
Turned off the heat and threw them in with some grated Parmesan.
We are starting to install our hardwood floors tomorrow! I'm not looking forward to it and I am looking forward to it. We couldn't do it without our Dad's and O's brothers help. Thanks in advance guys. Hope you all get to spend your weekend outside in the warm sunshine riding your bike. I think I can squeeze in a ride somewhere!


  1. ooh Yeah! They are gong to look gorgeous...It will be worth the temporary inconvenience!

  2. OK I was just noticing all your yummy food. Wow first off you eat so healthy(nice job) and your husband is so lucky. I mean look at how good it all looks! I remember you always know how to cook. What a lucky girl you are...and lucky husband your man is! Hope life is good. From the looks of it, it is better than that!

  3. the zuccini and summer squash dish is making my mouth water and I just ate! Yum!