Tuesday, May 18, 2010

favorite things...

please ignore the cheesy face!

I love jumpers. I own several. This one is my favorite. I am glad it is getting warm enough to wear it.
I like that jumpers look cute with t-shirts and Chuck Taylor's too (not for church though).

I have a sore throat and my ears hurt. I was dizzy all day yesterday. I took some airborne so that hopefully it won't get worse. Still haven't had my hair cut. Yuck. O and I worked on the floor last night after work. It is slow going. I went on a bike ride just as it was getting dark last night. I didn't need a jacket it was so warm. Riding my bike(s) is definitely on my list of favorite things.

Well, the work week is half over tomorrow!


  1. Oh, you are the cutest little thing ever in that jumper! I miss you. And LOVE the cheesy smile.