Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Scenes...

From the phone
scenes from my run
at 8:30 am
was a beautiful day

owl earings I bought at Urban Outfitters

baby shower for my friend Heidi in the afternoon

catching up with friends
Luv ya Jer

Heidi is due with a baby Olivia in June!
I've known Heidi and Jeri since a was a little girl...

When I got home from the baby shower
O and I went on a motorcycle ride we like checking out the progress being
made with the SLC downtown renovation
lots of new buildings going up

We stopped for yogurt at Lunaberry

Owen eats more yogurt than anyone else on planet earth!
Can you tell?


We had one of our favorite people over for dinner on Sunday.
The menu:
boneless pork ribs slow cooked on low heat for 6 hours in my homemade BBQ sauce
potato salad with red potatoes and the skins still on
couscous with all sorts of yummy veggies and beans
brussel sprouts all seasoned up and covered in parmesan
pumpkin bread with pumpkin frosting

We walked the Gus man, did some swapping of music and played Yahtzee. Thanks for coming Jake. Pick a date for next month. You are the only person who can get Owen to play a game with me! Well, technically the only people Owen will play games with besides you, are the rest of the Leonard family!

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