Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend goings on...

Phone pics from the weekend...

O had the day off
I got off early
so we
went and saw How to Tame Your Dragon in 3D
we both loved it
we had dinner at the Himalayan Kitchen
I love Indian food
it isn't O's fave

I worked my butt off in my yard all day
well my butt is still there, I'm just sayin
at some point Gussy and I took a little break
on the back lawn
had my book and a bowl of Haagen Daz
lemon ice cream with raspberries
I am reading Hunger Games
just about done and ready to read the next one
Catching Fire
I think that is what it is called?

I made some yummy salsa on Saturday night
no recipe
here's what I did
dice up one avocado
dice up one mango
chop up some green onion (I think I used 3)
cut up some little vine tomatoes
throw it all into a bowl and add as many black beans as you want
I squeezed in some fresh lemon (about half a lemon)
add some honey and a dash of sea salt
to go with it
I did a bed of greens (spinach and hearts of romaine)
grilled some salmon
put it on top and threw on the salsaI also made a dressing to drizzle over everything

some honey
some olive oil
some cider vinegar
some spicy brown mustard with big mustard seeds in it
whisk it
drizzle baby
then eat the rest of the salsa with some of those good blue corn chips

Sunday was good too
I went for a morning run
we went to church, of course
then we had dinner
walked the pooch
went for a long motorcycle ride
and watched The Burbs

Sunday dinner
no recipe
here's what I did
Cook some pasta
in the mean while
saute fresh broccoli
fresh garlic
and diced ham (left over from the quiche, remember?)
in some olive oil, salt and pepper
toss that all together in a bowl
make the sauce
heat some milk
stir in some sour cream and cheddar
it gets thick and creamy
pour it over the pasta, stir it and eat it



  1. Seriously, you're making me hungry. I might need you to adopt me and feed me all your yummies. I'm thinking of making cold cereal for dinner tonight. :)

  2. Nothing wrong with cereal for dinner! mmmmmm grapenuts. Sometimes you just need some cereal, but I suggest hot cereal. Cook some steel cut oats with cracked wheat and put a little milk on top with some brown sugar and fresh blueberries. My favorite! It's like dessert to me.

  3. Ok. You somehow manage to even make oatmeal sound delicious! what is 'steel cut oats'?? And where do you even get cracked wheat? Im making your pasta recipe tonight, the one with ham and broccoli and cheese. Skylar told me to, he said that sounds delicous. let ya know how it turns out pickle!