Friday, April 16, 2010


the tulips I bought for $3 dollars yesterday

O's brother stopped by last night while I was cooking dinner. I made him eat with us. I like it when people stop by. I made some pasta and we had some fresh sour dough with it that I picked up on the way home. For dessert I made a smoothie: blackberries, lots of honey, Greek yogurt, milk, ice and a touch of vanilla. yum. We took the Gus man on a walk. Didn't even need a jacket. (It is going to be 70 degrees today!) Then I cleaned my house. I refuse to waste my weekend cleaning, so I do it on Thursday nights. Anyway.... This weekend I am going to a baby shower for a friend I have known since I was a little girl. She is a having a baby girl. I am going to do a little shopping when I get off of work today. For the baby of course.
Have a fun and warm weekend!
P.S. Look at this cute picture.


  1. You really are livin' the life...keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the punctuations, capitol letters and complete sentences.

    The lack of all of the above gave me FREAK'IN headaches, man.


  3. "Your comment will be visible after approval."

    What? Approval? YGBSM!!!

    I need my OWN blog, man.

    Yeah, that's the ticket.

  4. Like MY blog would have cool stuff like....

    like dirty jokes! Ah, reviews on Death and Destruction movies -and the hot babes in them.

    And ah.... pictures of narly things like, ah,

    Dog butts. Hurl. Roadkill. Things like that.

    And there wouldn't be any " Your comment will be visible after approval." stuff neither.

    So there!

  5. Who the hell is anonymous? Anyway, love the purple tulips - bought some myself for my Easter table. Not sure that Dad noticed or cared in the least but I enjoyed them. I have some beautiful red ones just opening in the yard. Spring bulbs are a thing of delight and wonder. Love you.