Monday, April 26, 2010

some weekend scenes...

Sorry, I kind of posted everything backwards today!
a couple of you have asked about where I get my oatmeal and cracked wheat and what brand they are
I will snap a picture of the packages and post it for you tomorrow!
doesn't it look yummy?

I made some steak tacos for dinner
we ate them on Saturday and Sunday
I just used a fairly inexpensive steak cut
first I tenderized it
cut it into chunks and cooked it in a skillet with
olive oil, a clove of garlic and some taco seasoning
when it was done, I cut it up even smaller
I also made the salsa again to go with it

We finally sold a table and chair set we had
to our fun, cute neighbors
there was an Earth Day celebration at the park on the weekend
we went and listened to a friends band play
we also went and saw the movie 'Date Night'
it made me laugh a lot!

lunch break
this bread is so good
it is a sun dried tomato and herb bread (Smith's Marketplace)
some roasted chicken, spinach, mozzarella...

OK, so I know there are a lot of pictures of my yard here
but, that is pretty much where I spend my time on Saturday's
I've been working hard on it
isn't it pretty?

I always notice pretty things when I am running...

Breakfast before running on Saturday morning


  1. Nice yard.

    Really. I like it.

    -So there!

  2. Yes in deed, your yard is pretty. Your hard work shows.