Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quiche if you like

I made more quiche
no recipe used
I love the stuff
so I am going to tell you about
Quiche #1
5 eggs
some heavy cream
beat it with the mixer until it is nice and bubbly
chop up some fresh spinach in your food processor
chop up some of those mini vine tomatoes
throw those into the egg mixture
add a generous amount of feta cheese
mix it up
pour it into your pie crust
set it on a cookie sheet
bake it
I have a convection oven
I baked it at 350 degrees for just under 30 minutes
just touch the top and see if it is kind of firm and bouncy and not jiggly
Quiche #2
5 eggs
heavy cream
salt, pepper
Dill, a generous amount
lots of sharp cheddar cheese
diced up ham
same instructions
it is an easy, quick meal
the prep takes 5 min
with less than 30 min to bake
serve a yummy fresh fruit salad with it
if you want...

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  1. Mmmmm. Do you want to come over and be my personal chef? You make the BEST food! :)