Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm tired. Lazy food. Owl earings.

i have worn my owl earrings almost every day since i bought them
Oh, what do you ladies use to reduce puffy, dark bags under your eyes and wrinkles like mine in the above picture?
cause what i am doing is obviously not working
i use retinal(vitamin A) every day and i use a dove eye cream...
please help

drinking lots of this OJ
it's the best
whole wheat pita's with cucumber, tomato, spinach, chicken, and
garlic/herb hummus, squeeze of lemon
easy, quick, healthy
requires no cooking
just a little chopping
perfect for a tired person...

more lazy food
did french toast one night
throw a little nutmeg, cinnamon, and OJ in with your milk and egg before you whip it up
adds a little somethin'

baked some cookies

It's been a long week for some reason. I am just so tired lately.
I didn't do too much in the kitchen this week.
I have been listening to Agnes Poetry a lot lately.
Oh, did I tell you we heard The Big Pink when they played in Salt Lake.
It was OK.
Have a lot going on this weekend.
I'm going to eat Indian food tonight with a few friends.
Tomorrow morning I am walking to raise money to fight blindness. In the snow! Happy May!
If you want to donate go here. Donate under my name (Cyrie Fry).
I'm also going to a baby shower for my friend Tonya.
She is having a baby girl. Seems all my friends are having baby girls.
And at some point, my house needs desperately to be cleaned!
I did get my dog bathed last night though.
He is so soft.

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