Friday, April 2, 2010

Been Baking.

Phone pictures
Made these yummy peanut butter cup brownies I found here
I took them to work and they were devoured

I also whipped up this cake of my own creation
for my friend P
it is her Birthday today
I hope it is tasty
here's what I did

Just mix up the ingredients for any good chocolate cake
add about a cup of sour cream to the batter
it makes it extra moist
I baked mine in a large spring form pan
put it in the fridge over night
I very carefully sliced it so I had a top and bottom
then I threw a bunch of fresh strawberries in the food processor with
a bit of powdered sugar and ground it up
then I whipped up some heavy cream in a bowl with a little vanilla
and a little powdered sugar
add the strawberries to the cream and mix it up
I smeared that onto the cake and put the top back on and frosted it
for the frosting
I whipped heavy cream
cocoa powder
powdered sugar
and melted semisweet chocolate chips
Sliced the rest of the strawberries and threw them on top
the end

Hope you have a good weekend
This lady, my Aunt, will be in Salt Lake this weekend
she is coming to my house
I am glad

I want it to get warm and stop snowing...

Update: the cake is amazing!


  1. Um. I want that cake in my belly. Now.

  2. I am soooo making that tonight! Thanks as usual for the inspiration...

  3. I'm with Tonya!!! Holy crap. I miss you, but I also miss your food. LOL. Yummy....

  4. You are an amazing woman. It brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face when you call me Aunt. Thank you!

  5. Yum! That cake sounds so good!