Thursday, March 4, 2010

My visit to Jules...

These photos do not do justice to how much snow there was.

All pictures taken with my phone on this trip!

It was like a never ending blizzard in New Jersey and New York Thursday and Friday! I was actually very surprised my flight wasn't canceled. Matt fetched me from the airport. When we got to the house, he dropped me and went to park. I knocked. Jules answered. I said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She said, "Are you serious?" She was in shock for a few minutes. That was fun to surprise her. I liked it. We made chicken pot pie and hung out for the evening. On Friday, Matt went to see patients. NYU was closed for the snow, but the not the dental clinic! I helped Jules get some things done and then we bundled up and headed to get some lunch and movies. In the evening Jules, Carlee and I bundled up again and headed to the city to meet Matt. We went to the Museum of Modern Art and spent a couple of hours. Then we went out for some good grub. Carlee slept in her backpack the entire time we ate dinner. We made a stop at Magnolia bakery for desert.

It was late so we headed home. Carlee slept through the walk, subway ride, path train ride, & more walking in the snow to home! She is such a good baby.

I pretty much never even had to comb my hair while there because I had a hat on all the time.

Wore my rubber boots the entire time. I feel like I betrayed my Chuck Taylor's. They came to New York again though, they just didn't see much!

Saturday was Jules Birthday. To keep with the tradition, we went to a Broadway show. It was magical as always...

After the show we headed back to Jersey to pick up Carlee and headed to a tiny and delicious Mexican place for dinner. When we got home we lit a match and put it in a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to Julee.


  1. LOVE magnolias bakery, tammy and I engorged ourselves there. Love the pictures, carlee bug is adorable! When are you going to suprise me at my home!!

  2. thanks for coming