Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More from the weekend in Zion...

Pretty scenes from my phone

We headed down on Friday after work

it was a total blizzard from Nephi to Cedar City

but, we made it by 12:30 am!

So, we just slept under the stars outside the park

"down by the river"

and woke up to sunshine

Got up on Saturday morning and headed into the park

we reserved a campsite for the night

we went and checked out the climb Booj was doing

did 2 hikes

ate some fish tacos and frozen yogurt

did another hike

bought me some new Birkenstock

meet up with Booj at our camp site and cooked him and his mates some grub

it got really cold Saturday night 32-34 ish degrees

we slept under the stars again...

Dear Desert,



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