Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weird fish in the ocean and the dreams they induce...

That is a crocodile needle fish. O and I watched a program the other night about a kid that was diving and fishing in the ocean at night and he was speared in the chest by one these fish. He lost 3 liters of blood, but he lived! Anyway, that night I had crazy ocean dreams. I dreamt that I was surfing, which I love to do, when I was attacked by a shark. The shark bit my thigh and I had a huge gaping wound that was bleeding everywhere. I couldn't get help for a long time. Finally someone put me in the back of a truck and took me to this ghetto hospital with mattresses on the floors with sick people on them. They put some sutures in my leg and threw me on one the mattresses. Totally weird. There are some weird ass creatures living in the sea. Can you image what lurks miles down?

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