Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend. Or lack thereof.

I didn't have a weekend. We (the Moran photographers) held a meeting on Saturday. Friday night we stayed late and got setup and we all arrived before 7 am on Sat. to get things started. Each of us taught a course and we had multiple doctors teach as well. I think it was informative. We had over 60 people attend. It is a lot of work to give a course like this. It was based on OCT(optical coherence tomography). My topic was the difference between time domain and spectral domain OCT and I am glad I'm done with it. I get pretty nervous to speak in front of all those people! Anyway, by the time we got done and cleaned everything up I didn't get home until 6:30ish.
O and I watched a movie on Sunday called Rabbit Proof Fence. It is about the "lost generation". It was good. Anyway, a boring post. I got home from church on Sunday and realized I looked like a hobo including no makup. I was too tired.

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  1. You do not look like a hobo (although my oldest would find hobo a compliment anyway)...I love the jacket. Great movie...BTW