Friday, February 26, 2010

Suprise visit to New Jersey and basically snowed in...

I am in Jersey. It is snowing. Hard. I want to go into the city. That might not happen today! I will post pictures and details later... Tomorrow is Jules Birthday. We are getting a babysitter for Carlee bug and then we are headed to dinner and a Broadway show in the city.
Seriously, you should see this snow. I can't believe my flight wasn't canceled.


  1. I was afraid that was going to happen to you when I saw the news this morning. Hugs and kisses to Julee for her bday! Have fun you crazy will never know how much I admire you both and am delighted to call you family!

  2. I was checking out your Mom's blog and linked to yours. These are great. When I retire maybe I will have one. Love seeing what you are up to. I LOVE my nieces! They are such wonderful women. Have a good trip. Tell Julee happy birthday. Aunt Sue

  3. What amazing aunties I have!