Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year's weekend...

Christmas came down. I hate that part.

I can't believe another year is gone. Time goes away so fast. I hope this year is better than the last in so many ways. I hope to travel more. I hope to go to the desert a lot more to ride our bikes and do some really great canyons. We are already making plans to head south in the next couple of weekends. I need some sun and some serious outdoor fitness time! I hope to read my scriptures more and write Jordi more letters. And, I hope to not let house projects dominate our time. We have forever to finish all of these stupid house remodeling projects. Anyway...

Jules, Matt and Carlee came and stayed for a couple of days at our house before they headed home. We ate sandwiches at Moochies. We laid in my bed and watched a movie in our pj's. We ate cookies from the Dough Girl. It was nice.We also got a lot done around the house. We've been getting some of our prints framed and hung. It is really hard to decide where to put them though. We also hung some window covers in our entry way. We are hopefully getting our blinds ordered this week, so there will be much more hanging of window covers in the following week! yuck.
We managed to go to a New Years Eve party where we at things like prime rib stuffed with lobster tail, roasted lamb, pork and mango sausage... It is definitely time to get back to eating healthy again!
Well, welcome 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

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