Monday, December 14, 2009

From the weekend...

On Friday night O and I went to the Moran Christmas party. They had it downtown at the Marriott. It was a dress up kind of affair. I wore a little black dress that I have with fish net tights. Real simple. We ate salmon and prime rib and I danced with my friends to Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and such until O said, "let's go!" We had a nice time. I didn't take my camera, so no pics of that.

My friend Paula, is an active Methodist. She invited me to come to her church on Saturday to help prepare food for the homeless. It was a pleasure. I then went on a search to second hand stores to find ugly sweater for O and I. We had another holiday party at a friends house Saturday night and were asked to wear ugly sweaters. It is a lot harder than you think to find ugly sweaters! It was a white elephant party. We ended up with this cute little bird that is attached to a little container of toothpicks. You push him and he picks up a toothpick with his beak. Pretty clever.

O had an eagle on the front of his sweater. I took mine off because I was hot. It had upside down hearts on it.

My friends Rich and Kelly were looking good!

Sunday we both woke up feeling kind of crappy, so we didn't make it to our church meetings. We stayed home and took it easy. Sunday evening Owen's uncle was having a Christmas party at his house. I felt a little better so I headed up there without O. (He is still under the weather today and is at home resting.) I found out that my sister in law is pregnant and deathly ill. So my niece and nephew were there and maybe starved for a little attention. O's brother played chess with Gavin (my nephew) and I helped Byrnn (my niece) write a letter to Santa. I think I will pick her up one night after work this week and take her to pick out some fun cookie decorations and some nail polish and we will go to my house and bake cookies to decorate and while they are in the oven I will help her paint her finger nails. She is very girly this one. She will not wear pants. Only skirts and dresses. Her mom and dad had to buy her a skirt to wear over her snow pants when she goes skiing! It is funny because my SIL is not a girly girl at all... go figure.

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