Monday, November 30, 2009

A roach in the menu and a worm in the bok choy!

Did I spell bok choy right?

We flew back from New York on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently we are making a habit of being in a NYC airport on turkey day! I will post some photos as soon as I can find my card reader or cord to transfer them to my computer! We had a wonderful time as usual. Jules and Matt are great hosts. My parents weren't able to make it. My Mom is having some heart problems that she is taking care of. We missed them. So, right now I will tell you about a gross thing that happened while there and leave you with some real good tunes.

First of all the weather was great. You needed nothing more than a jacket, and of course, I took my down coat. Oh well. Good thing Julee had lots of cute jackets to share. Owen, Jules, Carlee and I took the fairy from Hoboken to Manhattan one sunny morning. It took us like 5 minutes to cross the Hudson to the pier. We decided to have lunch at this seafood place at the seaport village because we were super hungry and we could eat outside by the water in the warm sunshine. We sat down and the waitress handed us each a menu. I opened mine up and SURPRISE! a roach comes out. No big deal. Brush the dirty guy onto the ground and choose the Chilean sea bass with bok choy for O and I and Jules orders the lobster ravioli. The sea bass is really good. The ravioli is really good. The bok choy was really good too until I look down to take another bite and see a big white worm looking back at me! Needless to say I officially lost my appetite and we got our meal for free. It's funny because I had a weird dream about bok choy a while back. I can't remember if I told you about it or not? It must have been a revelation that I am not meant to eat the stuff! Anyway...

On another subject. 4AD is my fave record label. O ordered a double disc sampler they put out called Dark Was The Night and I am loving it. I listened to it all weekend as I put up the Christmas decor and started unpacking all the boxes in the guest bedroom. Here are a couple of my favorite songs so far:


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