Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Already Wednesday...

{picture by me}

It is already Wednesday! Where does time go. It just disappears into thin air. We had a good weekend. I got the hardwood floors painted. It makes everything look cleaner and just better. We went to Brewvies and finally saw Where the Wild Things Are while eating pizza, chicken strips, french fries and root beer. I feel fat after saying that. We ran into a couple of friends while we were there and that is always nice.

O and I are headed to NYC on Friday! Thank goodness. I need a break from the day to day. A break from the house. A break from work. A break from doing laundry and cleaning and paying the bills and doing the dishes and.... We are spending a week. I am looking forward to spending time with Jules, Carlee and Matt. Matt, I will beat you at Settlers of Kahtan. I don't get to see them very often. That is the bad thing about family living far away right? We have tickets to a Pixies concert which should be very fun. We also have tickets to a Camera Obscura concert. They are playing in Brooklyn and I am very excited to go to their show. I think they will be great live. If you haven't listened to their music, you should. One thing about O and I is that we love to hear our favorite bands play. We have had lots of fun going to shows all over.

My parents are headed to NYC a day after us. Neither of us new this when we booked our tickets! Crazy. Jule's apartment will be cramped, but we will have a great time. It will be my Dad's first time there. I have been there so many times now I feel like I can take it easy because I don't have to go see everything. I am just looking forward to being with family, having Owen with me this time, seeing some good shows and eating some good food. Oh, I will be on the lookout for a great new bag though!


  1. I like your city drawing. It's really good. I've always wanted something similiar to hang in my lounge room.

  2. Thanks Chanel. I could arrange to send you an electronic print if you like.