Monday, October 19, 2009


This weekend wasn't very good, but the weather was PERFECT! I got a good run in on Saturday after we slept in. We met at East West for dinner on Friday after work for some good Vietnamese food. Rented a movie that we ended up turning off and taking back because it was unbelievably stupid. We picked out our dishwasher. O and his brother put insulation and drywall on. Yuck. All the goings on wore Gus out. I walked into our bedroom on Saturday night to find him on the bed with his blanky and stuffed animal sound asleep. I had a terrible headache all weekend and at church on Sunday the nursery kids were insane. My head was spinning the entire time and they were screaming and crying... I cooked a yummy dinner in my non kitchen on Sunday evening though. And now it is Monday. One more week without a kitchen!


  1. Adorable...when can I come see the place?

  2. You can come see the place anytime you want!