Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Local business review...

i want to tell you about Zion Upholstery today. they are located at 760 South 300 West in Salt Lake City, 84101. now if you are some kind of an uppity snob, you may not want to go here. The building is old, a little dirty and quite disorganized. Anyway...

we have this great old chair that had cushions with these awful bright yellow, fake leather covers. I love the chair. I hate the cushions. so, got on line to look up an upholstery place. I chose Zion Upholstery because it is downtown and quite close to my hood.

A man (the owner) greated me and helped me pick my fabric. He was very helpful and courteous. knowledgeable about the different fabrics. they were finished in a timely manner. They close at 6 pm and I get off the train at 6, so I was having trouble getting there before they closed. I called him one night and said I can be there in 10 minutes and he was happy to stay late so I could come and pick up newly upholstered cushions. I did them in a deep charcoal micro fiber. I will post a picture of the chair soon. He didn't have change because he was closed so he sent me next door to My Dough Girl to buy a cookie so he could give me change. And then! she gave me a bunch of cookies for free because she was closing! I told him to keep the change. It was like 8 bucks... You know what? I got an envelope in the mail a couple of days ago with my change in it! And by the way, the work was excellent. No complaints.

PS i didn't shop around for price comparisons at other businesses so I can't tell you if the pricing is competitive. I imagine it is if they are still in business!

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