Monday, August 24, 2009

What's up?

Saw a couple of good flicks last week. I really enjoyed Julie and Julia. I also saw 500 Days of Summer. Loved it. Baked some zucchini bread. Used Paula Dean's recipe. So so good. Cleaned out all of my kitchen cupboards. They were full of drywall dust. Started reading a new book. Just a fun one. Needed something a little more lighthearted after the last book I read. It was a memoir by a woman who lived in concentration camps during WWII. I also bought some really pretty lavender nail polish and painted my toe and finger nails. Oh ya, I got my hair chopped off! It feels good.


  1. You can't just say you cut your hair and not show us a picture! I really want to see Julie&Julia, it looks cute. Sounds like a busy but in a good kind of way few days for you. Really show us your hair!!!