Friday, August 7, 2009

Organic Eating.

What do you think about eating organic foods? I have been purchasing mostly organic foods for several years now. It definately costs more to eat. I think. Is it worth it? How do you know the products you are buying are really organic? It seems to be much more available in regular stores than it used to be. O and I don't eat a lot of meat with the exception of fish. When I do buy meat, I buy the stuff labeled "organic". I am kind of scared of all of the hormones they inject into those poor animals. And, what about hormones in milk? Is this why young girls seem to "go through puberty" at younger and younger ages or is it because children seem to be less active today then when I was young, so they have more body fat and that makes them pubescent sooner? I worry about all the processes our food goes through before it hits the grocery store. Don't you? So I just feel better buying the organic stuff and hope that it is really organic and better for me. This is why I love going to the farmers market in the summer to buy produce and cheese and bread.... Anyway, just wondering what you healthful people out there think about buying and eating organic. What say you?

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  1. The onlny thig i can say is that i think fruit with a peel that u don't eat is stupid to pay more for because it is organic, the fruit is protected anway. i think if you can afford to then it is probably better. i have heard the milk is not good