Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer nights.

O and I came home to a bit of a mess last night after work. The drywall has begun! So, we loaded up the the mountain bikes and went riding. We rode all the way home from our ride and hopped on the motorcycle to go back to where we parked the car so I could drive it home. Then we walked Gus to the park and played frisbee. Came home, showered and ate more homemade ice cream. Well, O did. I had a belly ache so I missed out. Then we went to bed. I love that it stays light until late. It was a very good night and the mess was still there when we woke up this morning and will be for another week! I am just glad it is finally getting done. Hope it turns out well.
Funny picture from the internet. I don't know, but I am pretty sure O loves his mountain bike this much!

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  1. cyrie - i thought that was you on the ground for a minute, and was thinking that you prefered to sleep out there, then saw the bike- hilarious- that would probably be me and fro too! We missed you at the bbq by the way, we will do it again, it was fun!