Monday, June 15, 2009

The Music Beckons Us....

So, Owen and I were looking at TV On The Radio tour dates on their myspace page and we want to go see them in Brooklyn. I have gone to NYC every 6 months since Jules and Matt moved there. But, I totally missed the 6 month mark this time. Remodeling a house forever will do that to you. Renting is so great. I highly recommend it. I don't understand why we bought a house.... Anywho, it gives me a good reason to go and to take Owen with me. We can stay with Jules. I can cuddle Carlee. And, I can hear my one of my favorite bands play in the town they are from! Sounds good, no? However, they are playing in San Francisco too. That is a heck of a lot closer and would be a much cheaper trip considering this will take from our ever dwindling money stockpile for the house.

Guess what, we finally finished the cement floor in our entry way! That was like a mini nightmare from start to finish, but it looks beautiful. I love it. We could not have done it without Owen's brothers. We are now gathering contractors bids for drywalling over the lathe and plaster walls. Doesn't that sound like fun? It does to me. If I had a magic wand...

I love my house. I love my house. I love my house.

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