Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am still here...

Haven't felt like blogging lately. Plus, I have been super busy! Anyway... We've accomplished some home projects. We got the cement poured in our entry way. It has to cure for 2 weeks and then we can stain it. I will post pictures when it is done. It was a total bitch to get the old tile out plus a couple layers of old cement. Thanks to O's brother for their hours and hours of help! I love cement floors. We had central air installed. Bye bye swamp cooler. It was a major ordeal. Our house is almost 100 years old, so it had to have all new duct work. We bought the most efficient air conditioner out there. My brother co-owns this company if you need air conditioning, heating, new fireplace.... We are having new insulation blown into our attic tomorrow. That should help with our heating and cooling bills! Bla bla bla

I am super excited for this weekend. My sister Julee and her baby girl, Carlee, (whom I haven't yet met) are flying in from NYC Friday night! People will have to fight me to hold her. I am her favorite aunt already. I just know it. I am picking her up at the airport and then we (and O of course) are headed to Price. We are celebrating my Grandpa's 80th B-day on Saturday. I haven't seen my Grandpa in way too long. My other little sister and her fam are coming in from Taos as well as my brother and his fam from Ogden. My little brother, Jordi, is getting ready to go to the Philippines for a couple years to serve an LDS mission. We are having a little celebration for him on Sunday. I can't believe he is 19! He was only 7 years old when Owen and I got married. Time flies... It will be really good to get together with everyone. We haven't done that in a while because we are so spread out from east to west!

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  1. Very sorry that we won't all be there this weekend, but it was hard to swing all of us going down at the last minute. News travels very slowly in this fam! Sarah and Layne are headed down though. Hold that babes for me eh?
    PS. after "getting to know you" on your blog, Sarah is totally stoked to "meet" you...