Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good times had...

Here are a million pictures from our adventure last weekend. We had an incredible time. Warm days. Cool nights. Full moon. Too many bug bites to count... Some of O's uncles and a couple of his cousins came with us. White canyon was in perfect condition for us. The water was butt freakin cold. 48 degrees approximately. When I dropped into the water it was a shocker. Hands and feet throb instantly! Thank goodness for wet suites right. Last time O and I did the canyon (about 7 or 8 years ago), it was in the middle of July. The water was a lot warmer then.

We found a beautiful natural spring/swimming hole a couple of miles from were we camped that night. We hiked to it before we cooked dinner. Took a swim. Jumped off the cliff. (I didn't jump off)

The next day we did two other canyons (unnamed). Both dry. No swimming required. Fun technical/narrow spots. Good times had by all.

Why do boys fart so much?

Note: double click on the pictures and enlarge them so you can see them better.


  1. Only you would go on a hike with a bunch of farting guys! You are awesome and it looks so fun. I am definitely going to try the cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. You are so gourmet!

  2. cooooooooooool. i sooooooooooooooo wish i could have gone too!!! what a fun bunch. The only girl in a group of eight, stinky;0 i like the double decker picture where some are scaling above those below...