Monday, May 4, 2009


image via flickr (sorry I lost the link to the specific photostream!)

O turned 34 yesterday. I made him the Birthday feast of his request. We had a pork roast with rosemary seasoning, gravy from the juices, sour cream mashed potatoes and he wanted peas with it. We had these really good french dinner rolls to sop up the gravy with. It was tasty. For dessert (the most important part of coarse), I made chocolate cupcakes with pear vanilla bean filling and vanilla bean butter cream frosting. You can find the recipe here ttp:// Owen highly recommends it! I spent most of my day in the kitchen yesterday while Owen had a Birthday nap.

We took Gus to the vet on Saturday morning. Just for a checkup and to update his shots. If you are looking for the best vet ever, seriously, go here Dan Good is a wonderful vet and I would recommend him to anyone who loves their animal as much as we love our Gussy.

We also went to the Salt Lake City library and finally got library cards. With the economy the way it is, having a library card is an awesome way to save money. Owen and I both love to read and watch movies. Now we can check them out for free! Plus, this library is sooo darn cool. It is a busy hub of people with lots of cool shops, yummy pastries and beautiful landscaping. And, just a bike ride away from our house.
We had a great time on Saturday night. Our friends, were here in Salt Lake visiting for their Moms wedding. The reception was at the Little America hotel. We hung out, played games, and ate the food Jake ordered from room service for us, until 2 am. It was fun to catch up with the Beecher's, Leonard's, and Holt's! Thanks guys.

Anyway, enough about that. Hope you had a good weekend. It is Monday now. Yuck...


  1. Happy Birthday "O". You guys are just tooooo cool for words.

  2. It was great to catch up! I agree with Nature Girl! Toooo cool for words!