Monday, April 27, 2009

Cold and Wet.

Our weekend was cold and rainy. That's ok. My yard is very very green. My front lawn is getting a little out of control because we haven't been able to cut it. It's too wet! We slept in a little on Saturday. I bought a new dress. It is sooo cute. Gussy had a play date with the neighbors new dog, Marley. He is a very cute dog they rescued. He and Gus got along well. Gus really loved him- if you know what I mean. We went to the Jazz/Lakers playoff game and the Jazz got killed. There were so many Lakers fans there. There was a fight next to where we were sitting between some Jazz fans and Lakers fans. Idiots. Who fights over a basket ball team? On Sunday, I made this hot/sweet bbq sauce and we barbecued chicken. I made potato salad to go with it and fresh corn on the cob. It was quit tasty. For dessert, I made sugar cookies with a lavender butter cream frosting! I can't wait to get home from work today and eat one...

Has anyone ever tried Zumba dancing before? It is fun. My friend, Heidi, took me to a class a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! I am going with her again tonight. If you haven't tried it, you should. It is a great work out and totally fun. The class is at Gold's Gym. Happy Monday to ya.

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