Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Went on my first motorcycle ride of the season with O this weekend. It was so sunny and warm. O just put a new rear tire on, new brakes and changed the oil. I'm ready for lots more rides. It is so great to ride it to get to the movie, go out to dinner or run a quick errand because you can always find a place to park! Anyhow.... I am just glad spring is here.
P.S. Don't forget your helmet.


  1. I LOVE motorcycles, and you have to know the motorcycle wave that motorcylcist give to one another, or they will know you are a newbie! but enjoy!!! take a ride up the canyon that is my favorite!!

  2. Oh, we know the wave. We have had a motorcycle for 10 years or so now. It is O's favorite way to get around. We ride up the canyon and get some grub when it is warm.

  3. My hubby has a motorcycle too!!! If it doesn't sound too crazy, we should go on a ride one of these weekends.