Sunday, March 29, 2009


I finally snapped some photos of my most recent creations! I take all my pictures with a little point and shoot, so they are never great pictures. You'd think that since I am a photographer for a living I would have a nice camera huh? Well, maybe once we are done with all the remodeling projects, I can spend some money to buy a great camera! (The ring is the one I made in my soldering class. I never posted the finished product. It is cute, but I rarely wear it!)


  1. I would wear ALL of that every day! Well, not at the same time. You are awesome! I LOVE it! Are you making it for yourself or do you sale it?? :)

  2. I was thinking as i looked at them that the photos themselves as well as the jewelry are so cool.

  3. I LOVE the jewlery you always make, it is so cute! every piece just looks like you too- I love it all!!