Tuesday, October 13, 2015


from weekend walks with o...

Monday, October 12, 2015


a new restaurant opened up just a block from our house. manoli's. o and i walked down there for date night to try it out. it did not disappoint. it is a greek small plates place and the decor and vibe are fabulous. lots of white! my favorite. light unfinished wood, white chairs, white menu's with gold print...very simple, modern and clean. the service was fantastic and the food came quickly. we will be back soon. in fact, my lady friends and i are having our book club gathering there at the end of the month;) yum.



can i erase last week from my memory? at least some of it...

i had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy and all the fun and games that go along with that. it would have been a lot better if i could have had some time off work. i went 45 hours with no food. i was a beast. lots of biopsies. the ones up high left me hurting for a couple of days afterward.

our basement flooded. none of the drains were draining. we called on our insurance policy for our sewer line and it had been canceled! somewhere along the way o got a new debit card, so the expiration date was different. so, they just cancelled it. without contacting us. we had a plumber come and take care of it. he said it will probably happen again. we reinstated the insurance policy and are crossing our fingers that our sewer line doesn't need to be replaced within the next 30 days. the joys of home ownership. crikey!

on one of my evening trail runs above red butte, i was stung by a wasp. twice. in the calf, but also under my butt. so so so close to my crotch! it hurt! i wasn't even wearing running shorts. i had on knee length tights and i pulled the stinger out. it stung me through my pants. dirty bastard. i did not let it stop me from finishing an awesome, beautiful, steep run. i watched the sun set from way up high and ran down in the dusk. heaven. also, i am so glad it was only almost on my lady parts. it itched so bad the next day at work. i had to run over to the hospital pharmacy and get some itch cream and i only went in the bathroom to apply it fifty times that day;)

is started back on the chemo bexarotene. super duper.

work has been relentless. i can't remember the last time the imaging department had a full staff. our new imager(my friend) starts this week though. serenity now!

don't worry, i have lots of good stuff to post too! it's not all bad:) it comes in waves...



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

comic relief

only, hopefully i don't die for 7 minutes during my colonoscopy tomorrow and then start seeing dead people!

toodles for now lovers!



Monday, October 5, 2015

W E E K E N D + a recipe

a very late night trail adventure on friday night:) with orion and peeps

grain free waffles of my own design + warm baked apples with cinnamon, ghee and pecans

dutch oven and frisbee on a chilly evening with family

i spent most of the day on saturday working in my yard preparing it for the colder months. it's not such a chore for me. i enjoy working in my yard. i sorta have a green thumb.

i watched a couple of great little flicks this weekend. the grand seduction and how about you. they are both on netflix and they are both very charming.

had a book club meeting with the neighbor gals. malinda, marissa, christine, sarah and lehua. we are going to be reading the gifts of imperfection.

made one of the best batches of chili. i stewed garden tomatoes and spices for most of the day. it smelled divine.

one night last week kimberly and i had a fun outing. she asked me if i would take her to the nike outlet and help her pick out some running shoes. we went out for dinner and got her some shoes and ran an errand and stopped at my house to put some aloe vera on a burn and we laughed and giggled and also had some really good, serious conversation too:)

i have been completely grain free for just over 2 weeks now. i am feeling a difference already.

cyrie's grain free waffles

1/2 c coconut flour

1/2 c almond flour

1/8 c sugar

1/2 tablespoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 c almond milk

1/2 tablespoon vanilla

2 eggs

2ish tablespoons ghee

this makes about 4 waffles, so you can just double it up for more. it will be a thick mix. heat your waffle iron and spray with coconut oil and use a pretty big scoop of batter. enjoy!

toodles for now.



RedBull 400 meter

 pre race fuel ^ banana smoothie bowl

brutal. it was. i am no sprinter and never have been, but it was fun. vic, hannah and i were in the same heat of women so that made it fun. holy cow it was steep! i think it is around 500 vertical feet in half a mile(400m). we all qualified for the final, but none of us wanted go at it again! once was good and i would have come in last place anyway!

apparently this is a popular thing in europe and this was the first one they have had in the united states. i'm not into these kinds of things, but it was fun to participate in with all of my buddies from tj's.

you can watch the report on park city tv here.



Thursday, October 1, 2015

place holder >><< music

we gotta catch up. there just isn't enough time in the day! i will do a proper post tomorrow, but for now, a place holder...

let's revisit this album because it is one of my favorites. listen. enjoy.

i am heading to see my oncologist in a bit, so wish me luck. keep on keepin on lovers!



ps it would be nice to have the day off work when i have these appointments just for my mental and emotional sanity. ya know?

Friday, September 25, 2015

--- >> f r i d a y << ---


i was home not feeling tops yesterday. it was the first time i have stayed home since gussy died and it made me really sad. he was my fat, furry buddy when i was home sick.

kimberly came over one night this week and made us carne asada. her mom taught her how to make it. i will just say that it was fabulous! and she WILL be making it for us again. then the three of us walked around the park and she made us laugh and laugh. she will be playing lacrosse this year and she has a part in the play hairspray. can't wait to hear her sing!

i have gotten to know a few women from my church/neighborhood better lately and i feel so happy about it. they are amazing. i went to a women's retreat in midway a couple of weekends ago because one of them asked me to be on a panel with 4 other women that would be asked life questions and we would have to answer them in front of everyone. i never attend these kinds of things, so i guess they figured if they gave me an assignment that would get me there! plus, they made me bring o's famous chocolate cake for everyone to eat. anyway, i had to answer a few questions with the most serious one being, what is the hardest thing you have ever been through and how did you handle it? some of the questions were fun and candid and some were serious and life altering. the idea was to gain strength from each other and build each other up. in this world women can be so very cruel to each other and i just feel like there is no place for this kind of behavior online or in person. why break someone down when you can build them up. learning about others life experiences gives us compassion. if you are afraid of people that believe different than you or act different than you or feel differently than you or express love differently than you, you are missing out on getting know and love some of the most amazing people and i feel sorry for you. i say surround yourself with all types of people, find the goodness in them and then let that enrich your life in the best way possible. it's your choice. whoa, i wasn't expecting to go off on that tangent. anyway, there was some pretty hilarious lip syncing action in costumes that night too! good times. i will spare you those photos;)

justin, mel and i went for pedicures a couple of weekends ago and then we had dinner at pig and a jelly jar. it was right after i got home from going up lone peak, so it was kind of perfect. i was starving and my feet hurt. it was the first time mel or i had ever had a pedicure before!

o and i watched the new cinderella movie last week. i loved it! it is so cute.

i went up to red pine lake last saturday. there was i little dusting of snow about and the temperature was amazing. i always go up to red pine toward the end of september or beginning of october. well, i just go up there a lot because i dig.

my garmin kicked the bucket a couple of weeks ago:'( i'm hoping they will send me a refurbished one. this one is a cutie.

i wouldn't mind having one that displayed gps on the screen for when i am on new trails alone. then i could be sure if i was bushwhacking a bit or on a trail that wasn't marked well, that i was heading in the right direction on the way back!

one of our imagers retired last week. we have offered the job to a long time friend of mine. i taught her how to do retinal imaging 13 years ago. it's hard to believe i have been photographing eyes for the last 16 years! no wonder it gets old sometimes! it will be fun to have her join us here at the moran.

p is the lucky retiree on the right

this weekend is a full moon + and eclipse. woot! i will be front and center. kimberly is coming over on sunday to help me put my halloween village up and she will join us for the eclipse.

i am running in this crazy thing tomorrow! should be interesting and fun!? i am going up with my gal vic.

well, i guess we are caught up for the most part now. have an adventurous weekend full of dark chocolate, full moon adventures and some good lovin!



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

lone peak summit^^^

we started early
we moved fast
the sky was blue
the sun was shining

the trail is a steep mo fo
the cliffs are breath taking 
they remind me of mount whitney

standing on top of mountains makes me feel validated as a woman
with all my weaknesses
the mountain tops make me feel strong 
i like feeling strong
i like moving fast
i like feeling free
i like to explore
i live for an adventure
i have to be outside

to be able to breath



Tuesday, September 15, 2015


guys, i am ornery and don't feel good and am stressed about lots of things right now. i hate it when i am feeling this way. plus, i am in full on insomniac mode again which is insanely frustrating and could be the reason for the above problems.  i have been feeling anxious and nervous since i started taking that new medication which i suspect is the culprit of the not sleeping. plus, there is no improvement in my leg whatsoever. in fact, the pain in my foot and calf are getting worse. i am getting worried about the results of the upcoming tests. either that there won't be an explanation or that the explanation will be scary. plus my stomach is a complete wreck right now and i have to have another colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. and my right upper lid is going bald again! holy shit. 

whatever, life goes on and i had kind of an epic, fun weekend! i will post all about it when i get the time. but, i will tell you that this happened...


i am sitting on the very tippy top of lone peak. ya baby! setting mountain goals and reaching them. orion went with me and we made the round trip via jacobs ladder in 6 and a half hours! zoom! i will put up a post with all of the photos. 

plus, i may or may not have lip synced in a banana suit. 




Thursday, September 10, 2015

weekend scenes // spring rolls + lone peak cirque

on friday night i made spring rolls. i've never worked with rice paper before, but it was super easy and they turned out to be delicious. i need to work on my rolling and wrapping skills so they are tighter and look nicer;) here are the ingredients i used if you are interested...

fresh ginger
steamed salmon
rice cooked in full fat coconut milk
sweet chili sauce for dipping (TJ's is super)


on saturday i decided i would check out the jacobs ladder route to lone peak with the intention to get a feel for the trail and how long it would take and such. i was alone and i didn't get started until early afternoon. it was windy and rained on me off and on. i made quick work of the trail getting to the cirque in just over 2 hours. it is so beautiful it took my breath away. i got a little teary as i often do when i approach the top of a mountain because i just feel so very blessed to be able to move through the mountains on the trails the way i do. i know there are people who want to do these things, but are unable to for one reason or another.

anyway, it was incredibly windy and i new because of the time of day there was a chance that if i had trouble for some reason(i.e. if i twisted my ankle) there was a real possibility i could be navigating my way back alone in the dark on a trail i was not familiar with. that did not sound safe or fun to me and i was totally happy and satisfied and accomplished my goal for the day! i headed back with total excitement and anticipation to come back and make my way to the top!

the good news is, i will be heading back on saturday with orion. woot!

i got some good, steep trail time in on monday too and in the evening we ordered some red iguana with all the neighbors and ate it well we hung out on the front lawn.

by the way, my trainer is working me hard! she's got me doing things i've definitely never done before. she keeps telling me she can't believe how strong i am. that makes me happy;)

that's all for now. don't make excuses! push yourself and be nice!