Wednesday, March 4, 2015

new mexico here i come

i am flying to new mexico tomorrow to visit these crazies. boy am i looking forward to it! i will tell you all about it when i return...

toodles for now lovers.



Monday, March 2, 2015

"mother nature is a woman"

i love this article so much. read and enjoy!

irunfar // mother nature is a woman by vanessa runs 

toodles for now,


a ladies weekend

i have known these girls since childhood. we went to grade school together and we graduated from high school together 20 years ago! it always feels as if no time at all has past when we are together.

we headed to rigby, idaho on friday afternoon. why rigby you ask? my grandpa pincock lives there in a large house with lots of bedrooms with big beds. and, amber and christen both live near by. fancy that! amber is about to burst with her first baby girl after  four boys and we decided to celebrate and since grandpa lives there, well it was perfect. 

shilo, sadie, heidi, danielle and i piled into dani's minivan and hit the road and met the other two in idaho falls for dinner. then all seven of us headed to grandpa's where we stayed up until 4:30 am talking and eating chocolate. 

after sleeping for a couple of hours i was wide awake, so i went for a run and almost froze my face off. my grandpa fed us breakfast and we hung around lazily until almost lunch time. then we packed up and headed to christen's place where we made brunch and spoiled the unborn baby girl! 

we talked sex a lot over the weekend. i brought up the topic of vibrators. some of them had never tried one. so naturally, we had to find a sexy store so they could pick one up to take home to surprise their husbands with! they can thank me later;) 

then we went out to dinner and drove back to utah. we had an absolutely fabulous time! i was sooooo tired when i got home.

good times!



Sunday, March 1, 2015


what a week. oh man, i am glad it is coming to an end. here are a few things we have been up to lately...

installing a tank less water heater

repairing the boiler

(ya, those were all owen)

ladies card night at my house

having kimberly in our home doing homework and helping me make dinner. she laughs a lot when she is with us and it is very contagious!

running. my longest run so far was the 6 miles i ran with vic. i am slowly building up distance on my morning runs.

i am heading to idaho with a bunch of my childhood girlfriends this afternoon. we are staying at my grandpa's house tonight! he is in for a sleepless night, but he has a big house with lots of beds to accommodate the 8 of us! we have 2 girlfriends who live near each other in idaho, which is why we are headed there. we are going to dinner tonight. tomorrow we are hopefully sleeping in and then we are making brunch. basically eat, talk, laugh, repeat.

happy happy weekend!



Thursday, February 19, 2015

moab part II

sunday we all hiked the negro bill trail to morning glory arch. then we went out for lunch. after lunch we went climbing until it got dark and of course, headed for more grub! it was a good day. the weather was pretty much awesome all weekend. monday morning i grabbed a smoothie and hit the road to home. i picked up kimberly as soon as i got home and she came over to spend the rest of the day with o and i and we had dinner at our place with our neighbors. she has been spending more time at our house lately. she comes over to do her homework and have dinner. i love it.

on friday night when we were eating at eddie's we were sitting next to rob krar's table and he stopped to chat with us for a couple of minutes on his way out which i thought was totally cool of him.

anyway... toodles for now lovers.



ps if utah were a person, i would marry it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

red hot race + corona arch = part I of a weekend in moab

brad coming into the finish. he didn't have a good race day:-(

rob krar running to the finish

o didn't end up coming to moab with me last weekend. he decided at the last minute to stay home and get several projects done on the house. he would have come had i been racing. even if my foot would have let me, the treatment i am on for the lymphoma has caused some painful problems that would have made for an extremely miserable time anyway. i ran 4 miles on saturday morning when i got up and it was not pleasant. i need to figure some way of bandaging the area so i can run without making it bleed.

anyway...i headed down friday morning and met up with angie and her family and friends. friday evening we went and picked up race packets and had dinner. i made angie share my big hotel room and king size bed with me for the weekend. i was already feeling bummed out and didn't want to stay alone. each night after everyone was in bed, we came to my room and made tea with honey and watched some episodes of shows on the kindle.

saturday we cheered at the finish line! me, angie, rowan, harper, happy, mateo, grace and john. after our 3 racers finished, we hiked to corona arch. the weather was amazing. then grub and of course all the kiddos made a splash in the hot tub. angie, john and i had some fun after everyone else was fast asleep;-)

happy hump day and toodles for now!



ps don't give up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

from the weekend...


took my parents out for indian food.
got in some good solo trail mileage. the weather was amazing over the weekend!
broke out everything valentines and made the house into a love shack.
worked on my yoga moves. flying crow.

hope your week is off to a stellar start!



Friday, February 6, 2015


 cranes // because i think they are awesome

scented nail polish // because o surprised me with it to cheer me up after i broke my stupid toe.

 squirrel food // no seriously, a girls gotta have her seeds and nuts organized!

my nephew quinn // carrying my large, awkward purchase to the car

holy shit. i have been taking so long in between posts i can't remember what i have told you and what i haven't. aaannndd, you probably don't care! i will tell you anyway.

i started my new cancer drug just over a week ago. so, that's been super fun.

i started running again this week. short, slow and light. my toe is still super swollen and painful, but it's time to start running again. 

i went on a long hike with vickie and her pooch last saturday morning.

i had company at my house from last wednesday until monday. my dad stayed from wed to saturday because he has been installing a kitchen in salt lake and my sister-in-law kara and my nephews quinn and trevor stayed with us from saturday to monday. on saturday kimberly and i met up with kara and the boys when they arrived for lunch at vinto. then we spent the afternoon shopping to find quinn some stylin clothes to wear to prom. i purchased some fab new shoes and picked up a floor lamp i ordered from west elm. then we picked up o and went to dinner and came back and watched a movie. i think kimberly had a great time! on sunday we made nachos and watched the super bowl. 

work has been super busy for me this week. i have been from the nicu's, to the operating room and i have imaged instruments on the copy stand and done some action shots in the pediatric clinic for a presentation being given in indonesia next week. so lots of variation which is awesome, but the editing and file management is super time consuming.

i am so ready for the weekend. 

toodles for now lovers.



Wednesday, February 4, 2015


a song for today...

iris // vacant

work week is half over!



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

place holder

did you guys see the moon this morning!? happy full moon.

and this

i will never grow tired of the jimmy fallon lip sync battles. never.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015


kimberly turned 16! a good excuse to celebrate all weekend! o and i took her to dinner at flatbread on saturday night and then we made a stop at whole foods for some treats before we headed to the house for some lounging and movie watching. the original plan was to go to the movie after dinner, but the inter web time didn't match up with actual movie time. so when we got to the theater it was a no go. hate it when that happens. kimberly was so darn gracious about it. she said, "that's ok. let's just go to your house and watch a movie." we continued the celebrating on sunday afternoon. i picked her up around 3:00 to come to the house. we turned on some music and the three of us cooked up a storm! we made o's famous flour less chocolate cake and o wore his super man apron. we made heather's (o's late mama) amazing creamy mushroom sauce to pour over rice and the pork tenderloin that had been slow roasting since early that morning! we had some sweet butternut squash with it too. she helped with all of it!

we dished up our plates and headed down to the family room for another movie. then we had cake and ice cream and tea.

when i took her home she told me how perfect everything was. that she loved everything. and she said "thank you so much" over and over. it was very cute.

in other news

i got to hit the trail walking with my gal vickie. thank goodness! we needed to talk. she is one of my soul mates. i swear i knew her in my previous life;)

o and i had what seemed like a million errands to run on saturday. one of them was to make a super fun purchase though. we bought tile for the fireplace! we are finally having it redone. hope it turns out the way i am envisioning it.

i haven't started running on the alterg yet because my stupid freaking toe hurts too bad and is still super swollen. i feel sorrow for myself today. bleh.

o is going to get the lovely pleasure of pulling the sutures out of my groin tonight. oh baby!

toodles for now.



Monday, January 26, 2015

"you would make a good lover"

said an 84 year old male patient as he grabbed me around my waist and held on as he stood up from the exam chair.

i hate mondays.

but, i hope yours is going great!



ps hubba hubba

pps why is it 50 degrees outside? it should be cold and snowy.