Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a creepy story about a naked peeping tom. i had to call the police.

i hope he froze his balls off...

it was about 9:00 on sunday night and i decided to do one of my hiit workouts(have you ever heard of fitness blender?). i have a really big front room and there is a large open area that is perfect for these workouts. i pull up the video on my kindle and set it on the wall cabinet and do my thang. o was on the couch reading and gus was hanging out on the rug. they were both falling asleep so they headed to the bedroom about half way through my routine.

then i got to the cool down. i moved over to one of the posts in my entry way to do some calf stretches when someone knocked a few times on my big entry way windows. it scared me and i could see someone out there and i just assumed it was one of neighbors saying hi! i walked right up to the window(they are full length, ground to ceiling)and put my face and hands up to glass so i could see out and there he was. a man. buck naked. watching me. he was in my flower bed right next to the window. i had a "holy shit" moment and then i immediately headed to tell o.

he freaked. threw on his clothes and told me to call the police. he went outside to look for the dude. i know, not a good idea. anyway, the police were awesome. they showed up right away with spotlights searching the neighborhood. they filed a report and checked everything and made follow up calls.

not cool. the paranoia has set in. looking over my shoulder when i run. making o watch me walk out and get in the car. mace in hand.

the thing is, how long has he been watching? is he just some random perv? harmless? or does he live close by and see me coming and going? surely he saw the police come looking for him and hopefully that will be deterrent.

looking out your window and seeing a strangers face staring back at you and then realizing he is naked and holding on to himself is seriously disturbing.


be safe.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

wish list part II

iPhone 6 case // wood + geometric shapes = pretty

cuffs // i must have these two cuffs to wear together. they are a thing of beauty!

and these!

sleep mask // because, sleep.

kicks // these are beautiful as far as tennis shoes go. and you know i am the tennis shoe's biggest fan.
the hot pink and purple ones are pretty great too. 

just for fun...

hope your day is going smooth!



Monday, November 17, 2014

the beginning of a little wish list...

stained glass // the color variation on this bottom one is my favorite.

necklaces // both of them. 16". simple, perfect. pretty.

mirror // stockholm ikea

i. hate. monday.

i had very gross experience yesterday. i will write about it. stay tuned...



Thursday, November 13, 2014

a good day

i had a good day on saturday. i woke up early and mosied in the morning making my tea and breakfast and then eating in my bed with the gilmore girls.. then i met up with vickie and we ran 8 miles on the shoreline trail in the glorious fall sunshine and we ran into lots of wolf spider coming out onto the trail to warm up in the sunshine. vic freaked! it was funny. next i took kimberly to a late lunch. we didn't have anything planned. it was spontaneous and fun. we laughed a lot and went out for fabulous dessert afterward at city cakes. and in the evening we went with our neighbors, karl and christine and their cute kiddos to try out flat bread and to see big hero 6. we absolutely loved this movie! you should go see it. in between it all i got shit done at the house. yay saturday!

 //vickie gave gussy some of her homemade pumpkin doggy treats. he is a fan!
 //kimberly and i ate greek at aristo's. dolmathes are my fave!
//and hello double maple, vegan, gluten free cookie sandwich! you were delicious.

have a good thursday lovers!



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

iPhone6 // sunday walkabout

i wanted to play around with the camera on my new iphone 6 i picked up on friday night, so i took it for a walk sunday like.

the weather was superb!

toodles for now.



Friday, November 7, 2014


we had fun running last night! happy and gunther, the pooches, ran with us and we lit up the streets.

have a fantastic weekend! it is going to be sunny and warm here and i will be sure get up a mountain or two and watch some gilmore girls episodes:-)

do something adventurous and be nice! toodles for now.



Thursday, November 6, 2014

happy full moon and such

it is too bad the republicans took the senate. it is also too bad how poor the voting turnout was. disappointing.'s thursday!  and a full moon!

the moon was amazing last night. my neighbor, ed, knocked on my front door when i got home and said, "i just want to make sure you see the moon tonight. look at it, it is amazing." made my day.

i am doing a 5 mile fun run with the my full mooners tonight. we get to wear glow stuff and lights. the salt lake running company is putting it on and it should be fun. i am going with vickie and mark and my gal mel is participating too!  

i have a date with my oncologist this afternoon. lucky me.

i am reading a new jodi picoult book. the pact. her books are fun to read.

i need to get in my kitchen and whip up some new recipes. foods gettin boring around here lately. though, i did make a good chana masala last week. 

and then there was this:

i was in the operating room imaging on tuesday and mel was waiting for me to come to lunch. oh man, i laughed so hard. #autocorrect #extrastoragespace

hope your day is smooth like butter! mmm butter, i wish i could eat butter. butter cream frosting.



ps is it just me or are a lot of blogs just becoming one big commercial? 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

already november...

guys, i don't know what my problem is lately? i just have not been into taking pictures or blogging. boo. i will get back to it though.

i was in bed sick on halloween. i had a nightmare night with my stomach. i love halloween. so, before the 200(serious) tick or treat kids started arriving i threw on my wig and and my light up devil horns and got back in bed. then they started coming in droves so i walked down to christine's house and helped her hand out glow necklaces and candy. then i came home and went back to bed.

i was feeling much better on saturday so i headed out for a trail. i went up grandeur peak and am very happy to say that i felt speedy and light. on my way down, i clocked a 6:34 mile! yay for speed! but then my stomach was destroyed again for the rest of the day.

i took kimberly(my little) with me to park city in the afternoon so i could buy some new road shoes. neither of us were feeling too hot, but we had a great time. i had her laughing so hard on the way home. she is the best.

have you seen city ballet? i love stuff like this. there are 2 seasons. i am only on the 5th episode of the first season. they are short and sweet.

i need to go vote tonight after work. i wish i had done it earlier.

i love my cold morning runs.

if one more person makes a comment about the iphone siri when i introduce myself i may lose it.

making this is on the top of my to do list. drool.

i need to put fall fertilizer on my lawn. is it too late?

anyway, that's it for now lover.

toodles and xo,


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


this is the most beautiful, warm october i can remember.
i got my garden and pond all cleaned out, trimmed and raked up before the snow falls.
o started installing the trim around the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. he finished the island on saturday. it looks great!
i have been running with vickie. i am talking her in to running red hot with me this year!
my doctor has me on lots of iron. i am a lucky girl to have a great team taking care of my health.
i am lifting lots of weights and getting stronger.
i took my little sister, kimberly, to thriller at kingsbury hall saturday night. we had a great time!
i have been making up new soup recipes and eating lots of soup.
i made some tiny little bracelets for a friend who is having a baby girl soon.
i started watching gilmore girls on netflix.
looking forward to voting.
i have been painting my fingernails black.
i have some new spots. they had me email pictures. i have to go in to see my oncologist next week. i hope they are something else and that they go away before the appointment.
remember a long, long time ago when i bought that vintage chair and had it recovered for my front room and then i didn't like the way it looked in the spot next to my fire place because it looked too much like an office chair because of the base? deep breath. well, i had my brother jordi weld pin hair legs for it and he sent me a picture of it finished and from what i can tell it looks rad. i will get it from him at thanksgiving.
on yesterday mornings run someone ran by me in the opposite direction and said, "hey cyrie." it was dark and i didn't see who it was and it is driving me crazy!
i came into work today wearing a blue and white striped button up shirt. apparently so did every man that works at the moran eye center. just call me bob.

here's me and a painted horse.

toodles for now lovers.



ps i promise to take better pictures and have better content on this here blog real soon!

Monday, October 27, 2014


let's play a game. it's called, guess who is anemic in this photograph? oh never mind. that would be too boring. i look like a ghost! i was in chicago from friday to monday last week to take courses at the american academy of ophthalmology. i am required to have a certain amount of continuing education credits each year to keep my certifications current for the imaging i do. mel got to come for a few days too to take the exam! we shacked up for the weekend. we were able to meet up with our friend julia for a long, delicious lunch. we were also able to have breakfast one morning with our friend akbar. it is so fun to catch up with good friends that you don't see often enough.

it wasn't a great trip. i didn't feel very good and knowing that my sister was in salt lake and i couldn't be there with her bummed me out. thank goodness i had mel to keep me company! i didn't even take any good photos:-(



Thursday, October 16, 2014

since we last talked...

i missed the grand canyon running rim to rim trip.

i found out that i am very anemic. which explains a lot about the last few months. and it's nice to know i am not crazy. i knew something was wrong. imagine how much better i could have raced! damn. we are working on fixing it, but it won't be fast.

i made the best loaves gluten free/diary free pumpkin bread in the history of the world.

i am lifting heavier weights than i have ever been able to before. getting strong. now if we can just get some oxygen to my muscles! i never thought that weight training would be something i would enjoy, but i really do.

i put up halloween decorations. it's all festive and stuff. bought these.

went on a night trail run with the full mooners and we beat the moon to the top and we sat on the rocks and watch it rise!

took care of o while he had the flu for a week.

we have been looking forward to the new tv on the radio album coming out. another song was released and it is really good. careful you.

my sister, angie, will be coming into town tonight and she will stay with us! i will have tonight and the day tomorrow to spend with her. yay for sisters!

i fly to chicago tomorrow night for a few days to attend ophthalmic imaging conferences. should be good.

hope all is well in your universe lovers!



Tuesday, October 7, 2014

north face endurance challenge //\\ i ran my first mountain marathon

i was totally nervous about running this race. my runs have not been going fabulously leading up to this race and i was worried i wouldn't have a good day or even finish. but, it turned out to be a great day and now i wish i would have taken the downhill portions faster!

the race started and ended at the park city ski resort. the weather was perfect. it was chilly starting out, but that little jacket came off about 2 miles in along with the gloves. the course was beautiful and the trees were neon. i didn't stop to take any pictures though. i did have to stop and pee twice:-)

at the aid stations i only drank coke and ate boiled red potato pieces dipped in salt. i didn't quite eat the whole package of pro bar energy chews in my side pocket and hydrated with just water and my stomach held up nicely. oh, and a few skittles that tasted mighty fine.

the elevation gain was just over 6,400 feet with total elevation change of 12,822 ft. the race started at 7,000 feet with the highest point at approx 10,000 feet. it all felt quite runnable. you can see the course map here

i came in 3rd in my division, 8th woman and 27th overall. it was a fun day!

sweet dreams lovers. toodles for now...



Friday, October 3, 2014


tv on the radio is coming out with a new album! here is one of the songs and me likey // happy idiot

Thursday, October 2, 2014


hi. where have you been all my life?

i can't believe it is october already.

dear autumn,

you are the best of seasons.



it's been a shitty time since i last posted with a few bright spots mixed in. saturday morning i headed up to snowbird to run in the hidden peak race and they cancelled right when i got there because the weather was bad. so, my friend mark and i went up and down the mountain anyway! it was beautiful and wet and chilly. good times. a few other racers had the same idea :-)

toodles for now lovers.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

running, baking, soup making

 putting lots of miles on the legs. best time of year to be running on trails! this is city creek.
polished off the rest of the vegetables from my moms garden for lunch

friday night i baked gf/dairy free tart cherry almond cookies. i took them outside and shared them with the neighbors while they were warm and melty. i also made roasted butternut squash soup. and, yum.
vick and i put 15 miles on our legs running in corner canyon saturday morning. can you see lone peak?! she is a machine. we did 5 miles around liberty park sunday morning to shake those legs out.

i took my little up to oktoberfest at snowbird. we rode the tram and it rained and snowed and they had to switch to diesel power. we ate a bratwurst and some sauerkraut. she had never been up little cottonwood canyon before! so this was all new stuff for her! she loved it all except for the sauerkraut. that's ok though, i polished it of easily!

gussy soaking up the last of the summer rays.