Tuesday, March 24, 2015

wait move on // new orleans

fresh flowers in my kitchen:)

a song for today

wait move on // iris


i'm going to new orleans tomorrow!

i have never been, so i am excited. aapos is going on and i have an eROP meeting to attend for the infants i image.

see you when i get back. toodles for now!



Monday, March 23, 2015

san rafael // crack canyon

finally a few pictures from our quick overnight trip to the desert. we drove down on saturday afternoon. i was super busy in the am running with vic and making food for and attending a church function. i ran in the door, changed my clothes, we loaded up the car and off we went! 

we drove through the desert to the mouth of crack canyon where we camped under the tall, pink cliffs for the night. o hiked there often with his mom and brothers when he was young and was feeling like making a visit. we cooked some dinner and stared at the stars. in the morning i went for a run. when i got back, we hiked crack canyon. it's pretty and easy and anyone can hike it. take your kiddos! when we were done we headed into green river and shared us a burger at ray's tavern because, we always have to stop and eat at ray's. then home. it was fab.

the end.




i love everything about this! plus, i love weight training. amazing women / they are everywhere!




Thursday, March 19, 2015

pretty little things //\\ for me!

i made a little splurge...individual medley.

cactus pouch

crescent moon card

la luna card 


you're stellar

i will put the little cards in frames. the little moons for my night stand. good thing many items i wanted to purchase were out of stock! i want the pounded rose gold ring and the gold tiny point ring too. and did you see the mountain dish? and the moon necklaces? and the moon pi cuff? just stuff, but pretty stuff.

anyway...it's almost friday! toodles for now.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

a desert night under the stars

o and i made a spontaneous trip to the san rafael desert on saturday afternoon. we slept under the stars surrounded by huge red cliffs. this is a picture of someone camped nearby. magical.

more details and photos from the trip to come...happy st patrick's day! i'm wearing a new green dress.



Monday, March 16, 2015

NEW MEXICO || sisters

i flew in to albuquerque on thursday morning and angie drove in from taos to pick me up. we headed to a restaurant to meet jules and the kiddos who were driving in from clovis. we had lunch and then headed to the sandia peak tram. we took the ride to the top where is was super windy! and we spent some time playing on the ski slope. then we went shopping and out to dinner. we said bye to ang and i hopped in with jules to head to her home in clovis for a few days. they are stationed at the AFB in clovis for the time being. we painted nails, went for bike rides and running, had dance parties, made gf/dairy free sugar cookies with sparkles, went to the funky consignment shops that line main street, stayed in our pajamas all day on sunday, watched movies and colored lots and lots of pictures. the girls got to show me their secret spot for playing Lego's in the attic! jules and i were able to sneak away for a couple of hours one afternoon while the kids were being watched and we saw mcfarland usa. so good.

on monday morning we dropped of the kids with friends and headed back to albuquerque. we got our hair cut and ate a quick lunch and then jules dropped me at the airport to head home. don't you love her with a pixie!? she has the perfect face for it!

so fun to see my sisters and squeeze those cute kids!

toodles for now.



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

new mexico here i come

i am flying to new mexico tomorrow to visit these crazies. boy am i looking forward to it! i will tell you all about it when i return...

toodles for now lovers.



Monday, March 2, 2015

"mother nature is a woman"

i love this article so much. read and enjoy!

irunfar // mother nature is a woman by vanessa runs 

toodles for now,


a ladies weekend

i have known these girls since childhood. we went to grade school together and we graduated from high school together 20 years ago! it always feels as if no time at all has past when we are together.

we headed to rigby, idaho on friday afternoon. why rigby you ask? my grandpa pincock lives there in a large house with lots of bedrooms with big beds. and, amber and christen both live near by. fancy that! amber is about to burst with her first baby girl after  four boys and we decided to celebrate and since grandpa lives there, well it was perfect. 

shilo, sadie, heidi, danielle and i piled into dani's minivan and hit the road and met the other two in idaho falls for dinner. then all seven of us headed to grandpa's where we stayed up until 4:30 am talking and eating chocolate. 

after sleeping for a couple of hours i was wide awake, so i went for a run and almost froze my face off. my grandpa fed us breakfast and we hung around lazily until almost lunch time. then we packed up and headed to christen's place where we made brunch and spoiled the unborn baby girl! 

we talked sex a lot over the weekend. i brought up the topic of vibrators. some of them had never tried one. so naturally, we had to find a sexy store so they could pick one up to take home to surprise their husbands with! they can thank me later;) 

then we went out to dinner and drove back to utah. we had an absolutely fabulous time! i was sooooo tired when i got home.

good times!