Thursday, August 28, 2014

nigh time on the trail

late night jaunt up to the top of mount olympus last night with orion and pals. fantastic!

happy thursday lovers. xo,


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


breakfast // a very wet and rainy trail run in my mountains where there were copious amounts of weird mushrooms // three bull terriers at the farmers market // sweet potato dinner // my church feet // porch fire

my favorite part of the weekend was the part where o built a little fire on the porch on sunday night and we sat out there and had dinner and read our books forever and it rained + eating the peaches i bought at the market.

i am so tired today i fear i may die. i stayed up way too late reading my book last night and couldn't sleep anyway and got up before the sun and ran my heart out. we are going to dinner tonight with o's dad and step mom and i am probably going to fall asleep in my plate of food.

hope your week is off to a good start! be nice.



ps i live in these pants. you must get a pair.

Friday, August 22, 2014

+ etsy favorites +

because this square ring + this half moon ring. perfect.

these triangles + a plus soft t shirt. it is so right.

this moon print + metallic copper ink. because, the moon! yes.

and this one too. la luna.

because this feather ring + pretty and simple + rose gold. nice.

these notebooks. because, obviously. mountains.

a rainy day tea towel. and the hamper too. ah.

ok, ok. i will stop now...



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

36 | my brother says i am on the death slide to 40

i was born // this leo turned 36 years old yesterday. i ran and saw the hot pink sunrise and then i worked and went to dinner with o and friends. o gave me a card that made me laugh out loud and a nice gift. mel bought me lunch, made me the most tasty grain/diary free chocolate chip cookies(made out of beans, dates, pb!) and gave me two new books to read! sunday night lehua and christine put together a fabulous mexican front yard feast to celebrate both mine and marissa's birthdays! i tell ya, good peeps! thanks everyone! oh, and thanks to the person that left the pretty plant on my front porch?

i had the pleasure of racing against deb again on saturday. she is a better runner than me for sure, but guess what? i finally beat her! i didn't get any points for the day because i came in 4th. deb scored the most points overall and won the series. she is awesome and so nice and no one deserved to win more! i hope to run with her more before the season is over.

 i made it to the farmers market for the first time this summer on saturday. i came home with string beans, peaches, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, eggplant, radish salsa, dried tart cherries...i baked a delicious peach crisp and o ate his with cream on it! i roasted the eggplant and some of the squash and made a dip, but it turned out really bitter. i didn't know to soak the eggplant before roasting it. next time.
 i also had the best pulled pork i have ever tasted while i was at the farmers market for lunch.
 and i do not recommend the cricket bar. it tastes so weird. o agreed.
 these plums. they smell and taste amazing. plus, they are pretty. i want to make some freezer jam.

oooh, and some birthday bling made by the neighbor kiddos just for me. thanks jack and sophie!

i've been sporting a yucky cold since saturday and it seems to be taking up residence in my chest today. what is with this nastiness?

hope your week is starting off happy lovers.



Friday, August 15, 2014


family \\ we had the pleasure of attending the baptism of our nephew andrei on sunday. this is o's younger brother justin and the little man. afterward, we went over to justin and lia's beautiful home where lia's mom had prepared a gigantic romanian feast! it was truly delicious. she won't let you stop eating and then she makes you stay and talk for hours and she packs piles of to go boxes to take home.

crafting \\ i haven't made any jewelry for a long while. this weekend i made, remade and fixed a few pieces for a friend of mine. i used onyx, jade, turquoise, carnelian, peridot...she is coming over tonight to pick them up. i left out all of my beads and tools because i have a couple of things in mind to make for myself. i also made a couple of cute bracelets(one has little moons with faces)for harper and i will give those to her today when she comes with her daddy to pick mel and i up from work.
 homemade \\ our little project finally hung up and in use. we had the mirror put in here. we built it together!

recipe \\ i made the oh she glows quinoa cakes last night for dinner and it was super tasty! modifications - i used eggs instead of flax and i seasoned and roasted my sweat potatoes and then lightly mashed them instead of finely grating them. they really are super easy and delicious. o loved them. i told him afterward that there was kale in it and he wanted more!

we had tickets to go hear beck and future island play last night, but we just weren't feeling like going at all. our neighbor karl text us and called us lame! it's true;-)

i am racing at solitude in the morning. yikes. my ankle is far from healed and painful so i will have to be very careful. it has definitely slowed me down. i hope to be feeling energetic and have a good fun race. and who am i kidding, i want to beat that lady who eludes me! i am running the 11 mile distance this time.

this is my last weekend of being 35. holy crap.

hope your weekend is adventurous and fun! eat dark chocolate, go skinny dipping, and buy some new lingerie! or whatever.



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

mount olympus //\\ mountain stay cation part III

 found another heart shaped rock! the other one i have is from mount raymond.

i am a lucky girl to have these mountains as my back yard! i love mount olypmus. i went up on saturday morning. the air was grody. it. was. hot. i dank more than 2 liters of water before i was at the bottom.

i may or may not have had a minor girls gone wild moment at the top. there was a group of female twenty somethings and they wanted a group topless photo(them facing the city) and they asked me to take it. sure. they got their tops back on and said, "now it's your turn." i thought, what the heck, this my last week of being 35! so yes, there is a topless photo of me(from behind) with my arms open wide standing on top of the mountain flashing salt lake city. don't judge me. it was very liberating. i text it to o(no one else will ever see it) and he asked who took it. of course i replied that it was a group of hot frat boys. of course. inappropriate.

when i got home i finished sanding and oiling the mirror we build and it turned out so pretty. o put the hooks on it and hung it up and it looks awesome!

also, we have caught 22 mice in our yard since wednesday. sick. disgusting.



i'm blaming the moon.

mount superior //\\ stay cation part II

 cardiff pass looking up at flagstaff peak

friday i headed up to alta and made my way up mount superior via cardiff pass. the flowers were so pretty on the hike up to the pass! you are on the ridge looking down in to big cottonwood on one side and little cottonwood on the other the rest of the way and then you start climbing and scrambling your way to the top being very careful to have a firm grip and a steady foot placement because it is steep and technical and if you fall...this is a rugged beautiful mountain. you are very, very exposed the whole time. fun and nerve racking at the same time;-)

friday night i took myself on a date. dinner at whole foods(i know, fancy), then i went and saw boyhood at the broadway and then i went for a little drive and listened to some music and went home to bed.

it was a very solitary day. good thing i'm not scared of being alone.