Thursday, April 17, 2014

scenes from the weekend // a sister came to visit

saturday morning i hiked up mount olympus. this made me a very happy gal. what a gorgeous day!
had a brunch date/dress alteration at justin's house after my hike. he made eggs baked in avocados and spicy hash browns. he made me a dress for one of his sewing classes and it is very cute! but, it needs lots of taking in. so some pinning and adjusting happened.
angie and the boys arrived on saturday night and i had a big pot of curried coconut lentils ready and waiting.
after the boys were fast asleep, angie and i had a fun night playing cards with my neighbors lehua, christine and marissa.
the rest of the weekend involved hiking, a visit to the natural history museum, a trip to ikea, a trip to park city, breakfast outside at the park cafe with uncle o, riding bikes at the park, movie watching, treat eating and so on...

it was good

i have been able to go for 3 short runs this week. thank good ness. last night i went for a trail run with my peeps from trader joe's in honor of the full moon. i will now start referring to us as the full mooners. that includes a dog named happy. we had fun, but my ribs and side are not better yet. i must force myself to take it easy.

holy crap, it's almost the weekend again.



place holder. a song.

 i really hope they come and perform in utah sometime...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


my sister came to visit and we had a fun weekend! i will post all about it soon...

happy happy tuesday.



Friday, April 11, 2014


oh man, i have seen so many recipes this week that i want to try!
  ^dark chocolate coconut macroons

 ^asparagus stuffed eggs - i would just modify it to leave any dairy out.

 ^lemongrass tofu bowls - minus the tofu.

 ^creamy coconut curry red lentil dahl

that is a good start. don't they all sound fabulous?

i had me such a good hike after work last night. the sun was slowly down and it looked like it was lighting up the moon. it was very cool.

my sister angie and her boys are coming to visit this weekend!

i think tonight is going to be take out because i desperately need to clean my house and do laundry and i can listen to the new sohn album while work. see, it'll be fun?

my hair is getting more and more curly over the past few months. weird.

my new outside mag came in the mail last night, so i see some tub time in my future.

my neighbors emmett and marissa got a new puppy named india. she is soft and cute. because puppies are cute. puppies might be the cutest things on earth. more cute than babies.

have an exciting weekend!



been cooking not running...

oops! i wrote this post yesterday and forgot to publish it! here you go.

i haven't been on a run since last thursday. insert sad face. i hurt myself. and it hurts. i am doing my best at low impact exercise like spinning, strength training, elliptical, yoga, walking, hiking...anything! i can't stand being still. anyway, it has given me a chance to try out lots of new recipes from the oh she glows cookbook. i have made the sweet potato and black bean enchiladas with avocado-cilantro cream sauce, the crunchy seed and oat flat bread, and one of the brownie recipes that i modified to be tree nut free. i made a creamy peanut butter frosting for them and added big dark chocolate chunks:) i am a fan of every recipe so far. i have to say that o was not a fan of the flat bread. that just means there is more for me to eat and i have almost polished it off!

the biopsy site in my armpit is finally starting to change. i have been taking oral antibiotics for it // phew!

it is so fantastic to have sunny warm weather again. it is amazing how just being able to go outside for my lunch break to read my book makes my day better.

we watched dejame vivir last night. i liked it even more than the first one.

i love the mountains. they are grand and mysterious and quiet and beautiful.

oh, and that little cutie harper bug sang songs while i sat next to her in the back of the car yesterday. it was pretty much the cutest.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

i am nursing broken ribs and bruised innards // here's something though...

i downloaded the first two of the three films of summits of my life yesterday. we watched the first one, a fine line, last night. it was really beautiful to watch. i can't wait to watch dejame vivir tonight. look, remember when i got my picture with kilian?

happy hump day lovers.



Friday, April 4, 2014

friday + the sohn album!

i threw together a quick muesli for breakfast this morning // oats, roasted buckwheat groats, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, coconut, raisins and cinnamon with fresh blueberries and banana on top mixed with kefir. i recently introduced kefir into my diet to see how i tolerate it. i am hoping it will help me.

then in a decidedly unstellar fashion, i fell full body weight on my ribs on my left side on the edge of the bath tub getting into the shower this morning. what am i, 80? holy hell. breathing is not my favorite thing to do today.

looking very forward to downloading the new sohn album // tremors
have to wait until next week!

after yoga last night, i got to reconnect with an old friend and it was so refreshing. it really made me happy. i will be making/fixing some jewelry for her:)

my sister jules and i have been playing phone tag all week. we've yet to connect. glad the weekend is coming. means time for stuff like that.

i hope o and i can catch a movie this weekend. this week has just seemed kind of hectic and we haven't spent any time together. i want to see noah. i also want to see the new muppets movie. o will vote for the muppets so...

this weekend i hope to try out some new recipes, run trail, play some cards with the neighbors, finish the last few pages of my book and start a new one, nurse the infection in my armpit biopsy back to health before i cut my arm off and whatever else...i just want low key. no obligation. and, i kind of want to keep my arm.

hope your weekend is stellar lovers. toodles for now.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

hi + some good news!

sorry to leave ya hanging, but i've been a busy woman!

my day started too early today. i was in the NICU imaging babies before 7 am and i have a headache, stomach ache and a nasty infection in my armpit biopsy site. o took the sutures out for me last night and that made it much more comfortable. ayaya!

first of all, my visit with the oncologists was very positive. kudos to the huntsman cancer institute. they are amazing! i have started a couple of oral meds in hope of relieving some of my symptoms. the blood work came back with several too high and too low values with a big ABNORMAL highlighted in yellow, but i don't have lymphocytosis! thank goodness. what a relief. we will draw more blood and check it again next month to make sure it hasn't changed. this is good news friends. good news indeed. now we wait and watch.

i had a quick trip to phoenix over the weekend for eROP. each participating center was presented an award and we got the award for having the highest percentage of good images for grading! woot! it is sitting right here on my desk next to my computer. i took those images thank you very much:) anyway, we weren't even there 24 hours, but it was warm and sunny. we had dinner outside at chelseas kitchen on friday night and it was incredibly delicious. we stayed at the ritz carlton where the meeting was held and we got to have lunch outside by the pool on saturday. a nice treat to feel warm in the sunshine.

my parents stayed at our house over the weekend because they had a wedding to go to and some other stuff going on. so i got to see them for a little while on friday morning and make them breakfast before i headed out of town. o and gus were good hosts i'm sure! plus o got lots of shit done on saturday:) i like that part. and gus had a buddy.

last night i made the vegan sweet potato and black bean enchiladas in the oh she glows cookbook and i have to say that they are fantastic. really. i modified the recipe a little by roasting my sweet potatoes first instead of boiling them. i also added a little bit of cinnamon to the enchilada sauce. i am seriously looking forward to eating them again tonight for dinner. if you haven't purchase this cook book, do it! what are you waiting for? even if you aren't vegan(i'm not, but i eat like one the majority of the time), cutting out meat just a few days a week can make a positive impact on the environment if we all do it. and, if you are intolerant of many foods like i am, most of her recipes are gluten free, soy free and many are nut free... she always makes an indication of this at the beginning of the recipe and often suggests substitutes if not. i am planning to try making the seed flat bread tonight! mmmm.

i am hoping to run in a trail marathon on the bonneville shoreline trail next weekend. my buddy told me about it and it sounds like a lot of fun. there is no registration, it's free and you just show up and bring some sort of treat for the aid stations. sounds like my kind of gig! i think it is call the bosho. we shall see.

that's too much content. sorry. have a happy hump day lovers.



Wednesday, March 26, 2014


tomorrow i go to see the oncologist to see what the progression of my lymphoma is and what the systemic treatment will be. i am super anxious and worried. i just want it to be over with. i have too many thoughts going through my head the last couple of weeks. when i was running in the race on saturday there was an older woman that i ran by and i suddenly thought to myself, i won't be around to run in races when i'm that age. then my face got really hot and i started to cry a little. then i may have said the 'f' word and then i gave myself a pep talk and thought about all the things i am thankful for. so what i'm saying is, wish me luck!

i am heading to phoenix for a meeting for work on friday. kind of bad timing, but i have to go. it's a short trip and i get to travel with some cool cats so it will be fine. we have reservations for a delicious dinner on friday night.

i have been working out, running and going to yoga all week even though my armpit feels and looks like raw hamburger // no excuses // keep on keepin on is what i say.



Monday, March 24, 2014

buffalo run // i ran in my first 50k ultra trail race


i was super nervous for this race because it is a distance i have never run before and i really didn't quite know what to expect from my body. i ran conservatively(slow) and made it to the finish line. i was hoping to finish in 6 hours, but i ended up finishing in just over 6 and a half. my feet and legs were pretty achy for the rest of the day, but when i woke up sunday morning i was pleasantly surprised to not be sore (probably because i ran slow!). just a little nagging ache in my left foot and ankle. my muscles and joints felt great. we just took it easy all day and went for a motorcycle ride. today i woke up feeling awesome mind and body! good thing because i had to be at the doctor at 7am for another biopsy. hello monday.

antelope island is such a cool place to run. i hope to spend a lot more time out there exploring this spring and summer. on my mountain bike too!

thanks to o for being there all day to support me!

hope you all had a fabulous weekend.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

a weekend of buffalo, trail running, a full moon and good food + a song

after work on friday i picked me up a pair of these. when i got home we walked down to chanon for thai with the neighbors. a good way to kick off any weekend. then we cleaned the house top to bottom and went to bed.

saturday morning i made breakfast and we ate it all sleepy eyed. i had to go to work for a couple of hours which stunk, but ok. then o and i headed out to antelope island for the afternoon so i could run. it was sunny and there were lots of people on horseback and mountain bikes. and, there were loads and loads of buffalo. i had to skirt around the trail quite a ways at one point because there were about 150 buffalo lounging across and around it. i ran in my new shoes. they felt great, but very different of course. will take some getting used to for sure.
on the way home we stopped and had dinner at the red iguana. yum. we went home and showered and i changed into warmer running clothes and headed up mill creek canyon to run under the full moon with my trader joe's buddies. there were only 3 of us this time.we started at rattle snake gulch and headed onto the pipeline trail. the moon was big and bright and we had us a great run. 

sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed to church. church was really good. i baked cookies and we had a big bbq with all of the neighbors on our street.

and now it is monday again! and what a monday it has been. heinous, but i am going for a deep tissue massage tonight at my favorite place. ahhhhh. lots on my mind lately...

a song.  and one // enjoy the unknown



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

damn you cancer cells and haneously bad trail runs


my doctor called. my lymphoma continues to progress despite treatment. we will be adding two more doctors to the team. one of them an oncologist/dermatologist who's specialty is cutaneous t-cell lymphomas. i don't know who the other one is yet. it is time to start systemic medications to suppress cell growth. there will be more biopsies. i am glad the doctor i have now will remain part of my care. i am also glad that i work right next to the huntsman cancer institute.

so we will get to it and life will go on, but i would be lying if i said i wasn't worried for many reasons. i was upset yesterday. o came and picked me up form work so i could have a very mini breakdown. then he asked me what i wanted to do. go to a movie? get a massage? i decided to go for a run to clear my head and move my body. then we went up to the powder house to see if they had the running shoes i've been wanting to get, but their shipment hadn't come in just yet. o bought me a cool little running cap. then we headed to the movie with popcorn and dp hidden in the backpack. then to sleep. i was exhausted.

in other news, i had the worst trail run of my life on saturday. it was miserable and i ate it hard too. bleeding and scabs.  i felt so crappy, but i just kept going and going for 17 miles. so stupid. i knew shortly after i started running that my stomach was not right. likely irritated from something i ate for lunch. instead of stopping and heading home, i kept running. and because my stomach was so sick i didn't fuel or hydrate well at all and by the time i got home my stomach was swollen and painful i couldn't stand up straight. i showered and went to bed without eating or drinking.

super fun post! right?

keep on keepin on. life can't be mind blowing sex and sunshine all time. what do you expect?



Saturday, March 8, 2014

happy international women's day

"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights" Gloria Steinem

Friday, March 7, 2014


wishing you all an adventurous weekend!