Wednesday, May 20, 2015

scenes from my yard

wowza! that's the thing about a whole lot of rain...

happy hump day lovers.



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

live music // purity ring

o and i went and heard purity ring play at the depot last night.

my favorite songs of the night were flood on the floor and stranger than earth

i love music. toodles for now.



Friday, May 15, 2015

^ F R I D A Y ^

oh hey! it's been a while...

i was pretty sick last weekend. i was ok on friday until evening and then, well lets just say my time was spent moving from the bed to the bathroom and back again for a couple of days. lunch was served for a meeting we had a work friday and i must have eaten something that caused a flare up for me. not cool. i know better. i should have packed a lunch. stupid stupid stupid. the misery continued half way through the week. i started to feel a little better by wednesday afternoon. i was so miserable at work monday and tuesday. my poor co-workers.

o took me for a drive up little cottonwood canyon saturday night. it was snowing and the the clouds were sitting on the cliffs and we just cruised and listened to music.

so i had run on friday morning and then not again until wednesday after work when i hit the trails behind red butte. it was sunny and i felt energetic. i am hoping to get up a mountain tomorrow morning in the wet and cold!

we are tearing down a fence that runs along our driveway this weekend. it is long past due and our neighborhood cleanup is monday and we can just throw it to the curb instead of going to the dump. run on sentence.

i am taking kimberly to dinner tonight. i am looking forwarding to catching up because we haven't been able to connect for a couple of weeks. i will be very picky about what goes in my mouth;)

purity ring has a new album out. o and i are going to hear them perform at the depot on monday night. live music!

there are a couple of things i am looking forward to...a backpacking trip in june with all of my siblings down near zion! east fork of the virgin. o and i have done it before and it is awesome! we have been wanting to go back. it is beautiful and there are some cool side canyons down in there. and i am planning to pace my brother-in-law brad at the leadville 100 for some miles this august. i am thinking of taking a little time off from running right now for a bit because i am having a significant amount of pain in my left calf muscle and shin. i have been icing it a lot, but it needs rest i think.

i have a new spot/lesion that has popped up on my left leg. it's been there for about 4 weeks. i am waiting to see if it goes away. please please please go away! my neck is healing up pretty nicely.

 remember, someone else has worse problems than you do. and also, don't be a hater.

toodles for now lovers.



Monday, May 4, 2015

40. the big one + other random things

this has become one of my favorite morning smoothies variations: strawberries, frozen raspberries, blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana, half avocado, 1 scoop vegan protein powder topped with a handful of simply elizabeth and some unsweetened coconut.

gus was so, so sick last week. sick enough that o had to stay home with him one day and i had to stay with him the next. but, he is on the mend thank goodness.

o and i went out with our friends to dinner at cafe med and then to see the new avengers movie on friday night. both were fantastic, however something i ate did not make my insides happy. the danger of eating out for me. it made for a rough night and a rough race start...
vic and i ran this race saturday morning in corner canyon. i finished 3rd in my division. i was having a hard time not loosing breakfast for the first 3 miles of the race, but then things settled down and i was able to make up some time on the next 3.6 miles. talk about negative splits. still well behind those first two women though. it was super fun anyway. racing on trails always is. we went for brunch at cafe niche afterward. man, that place is so good. 

then i headed home to finish preparing for o's surprise 40th birthday party! he was over at his dad's house helping his brothers put a new roof on. lehua helped me set up tables and chairs down my driveway and we put table cloths and candles on them. we had one table by the front steps for the cakes and chips and salsa and some big containers to fill with ice and piles of sodas and other drinks. i had black happy 40th birthday balloons tied to everything and a sign stuck in the front lawn. i hired tacos don rafa to cater and they did not disappoint! they parked the taco cart right up against the curb in front of the house. they did carnitas, chicken and beef with all of the fresh fixings. people could just go up and order their tacos as they pleased for 2 hours. everyone was raving about those tacos!  

i brought owen out once everyone was there and things were all setup. i made him wear a badge/ribbon as the guest of honor. his dad and all of his brothers and their families came, along with all of our neighbors and a few friends. my neighbor, melinda, made an indestructible pinata that the kids and o had fun beating to death. we made him blow out candles. a lot of candles. 

most of our neighbors stayed out with us and we moved to our back porch and played some serious games of corn hole until almost midnight. it was awesome. o was a happy man!  

his actual birthday was yesterday and he was pretty tired. we ditched church and i made him his favorite breakfast. german pancake. he napped, watched some movies and played basket ball with all the neighbor hood kids and we went for a walk after it rained. i finished cleaning up the aftermath and made his favorite pork roast and mashed potato dinner with all the fixings and we ate on the back patio with our neighbors.

i am super bummed i didn't really get any pictures of the party. the tacos, the taco truck, all of our favorite people, the decorations... i was busy trying to be hostess;) i should have asked someone to make sure and get photos. thank goodness lehua got one of him blowing out his candles!

kimberly felt really bad she couldn't make it. she just loves owen. but, she had a good reason. she went out on her first date! the boy she has had a crush on asked her out and she was ecstatic! i can't wait to hear all about it.

have a happy week!



Thursday, April 23, 2015


odesza // it's only

listen to it on something that has good base and turn it up!



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

we finally hung a couple of prints i bought a while a back and we built some new shelves

 i had fun cooking some new dishes this weekend

little poppies blooming. i got lots of planting done in my yard over the weekend in my pack patio area by the pond and along the fence in the backyard. lots of plants that will spread and minimize my weeding time!

scenes from a steep, muddy trail run :-)

i didn't use a recipe for the above dish. i just had it in my mind what i wanted it taste like. a fresh thai spring role. here you go...

i used those rice noodles that come in little dried bundles and are thin, long and glossy. boil/drain

i steamed 2 large sockeye salmon pieces with a little coconut oil and lemon juice

chopped cucumber, carrot, radish, ginger, green onion, avocado, cilantro, mint and cashews

put the noodles in a bowl. flake the salmon on top. squeeze fresh lemon on top, throw the cashews on and top it with trader joe's sweet chili sauce

so fresh and so good. we had some leftover grilled chicken form another meal and we extra ingredients left, so the picture above is with chicken and it was super good too. not as good as the salmon though! this will be a dish to eat all summer.

hope you had a nice weekend. toodles for now.



Thursday, April 16, 2015

goings on round here

i went up mount olympus on saturday morning. it was the hardest time i've had going up that mountain. i pushed myself too hard to go too fast both up and down and it destroyed my quads for days. i should have eased into something that steep a little slower, but i still thoroughly enjoyed myself. i mean, i was on a mountain!
kimberly and i went out for lunch and a movie saturday afternoon.
and saturday night we bbq'd with the neighbors and played cards.

 i had my procedure done yesterday morning at huntsman. the doctor said he got it "clean as a whistle." the longest part was the suturing. it took them about 40 minutes. they had to do a deep layer because they take tissue down to the fat and then a layer of sutures on top to close up the skin. its just over an inch long. it hurts pretty bad today, so i am just icing it and taking it easy. can't move my head around real good with the huge bandage on my neck. they had to shave a little bit of my hair. oh ya, i went for a very snowy run early in the morning before. i love running in the snow.

the fireplace redo is all finished. it is beautiful! i am very happy with the way it turned out. they also got the tub refinish done yesterday.

my plants in the entryway are blooming like crazy. i love it.

well, i hope all is well in your universe.