Thursday, April 16, 2015

goings on round here

i went up mount olympus on saturday morning. it was the hardest time i've had going up that mountain. i pushed myself too hard to go too fast both up and down and it destroyed my quads for days. i should have eased into something that steep a little slower, but i still thoroughly enjoyed myself. i mean, i was on a mountain!
kimberly and i went out for lunch and a movie saturday afternoon.
and saturday night we bbq'd with the neighbors and played cards.

 i had my procedure done yesterday morning at huntsman. the doctor said he got it "clean as a whistle." the longest part was the suturing. it took them about 40 minutes. they had to do a deep layer because they take tissue down to the fat and then a layer of sutures on top to close up the skin. its just over an inch long. it hurts pretty bad today, so i am just icing it and taking it easy. can't move my head around real good with the huge bandage on my neck. they had to shave a little bit of my hair. oh ya, i went for a very snowy run early in the morning before. i love running in the snow.

the fireplace redo is all finished. it is beautiful! i am very happy with the way it turned out. they also got the tub refinish done yesterday.

my plants in the entryway are blooming like crazy. i love it.

well, i hope all is well in your universe.



Friday, April 10, 2015

^^^ F R I D A Y ^^^


always moving...something i understand.

something to make you smile. because, the rock. my boyfriend.

i'm glad the work week is almost over!
i got my moh's procedure scheduled. not looking forward to that.
so, the weekend. i am going up a mountain in the morning! maybe mount olypmus? maybe bells canyon? haven't decided.
kimberly and i are going to go to dinner and catch a movie. she wants to give sushi a try and see insurgent. so that's plan.
o and i have some work to get done and we are going to watch unbroken finally and eat some thai food.
oh ya, we watched interstellar last night. it was trippy my friends. we liked it!
i also had myself a nice ride on whitey last night and i got my new twinkle lights hung on the back porch. gettin ready for it to be warm enough to eat dinner alfresco!

hope your weekend is adventurous and sexy and sunny and filled with dark chocolate. be nice!



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

weekend scenes

went for a couple of trail runs. i did grandeur peak on saturday morning and i ran behind red butte on sunday. the weather was awesome!

i got my pond going in the back yard.

we had easter dinner with o's family on sunday evening. little andrei stole the show hunting for eggs.

we had taco's at taqueria 27 with our neighbors.

we watched songs of the sea. loved it.

marco worked on the fireplace. it is almost finished and looks awesome!

anyway... i am feeling very blah today. orion picked me up and took me out to lunch though and that made me very happy.



Tuesday, April 7, 2015


i saw my oncologist last thursday for a follow up to check the progress of my lymphoma treatment. i walked over to huntsman, got naked, had my exam and my doctor asked me if i wanted to take a break from the treatment. hell's ya! then we had to do another biopsy to check a spot on the back of my neck. and off i went feeling pretty damn happy that i may be able to run without my inner thighs lighting on fire and bleeding. it's the little things.

well, that biopsy turned out to be a type of carcinoma. yes, you heard me correctly. my first reaction was to laugh out loud. and i did. i couldn't help it. then i felt pissed and i was thinking how it is total bullshit that the treatment for one cancer gives you a cancer of a different kind! then i felt relieved that it wasn't on my freaking face! i will be having a procedure called moh's procedure. it will be performed by a moh's surgeon at huntsman and it sounds super duper fun.

so, i will get it done and move onward and upward! things can always be worse. things are pretty good all things considered.

keep on keepin on is what i always say.

toodles for now lovers.


your favorite freak of nature / cyr

ps if i have any skin left by the time i turn 40, it will be a bloody miracle

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


o and i saw tv on the radio play over the weekend and they were awesome. of course.
we bought a volvo. serious horse power my friends.
our fireplace is being tiled as we speak!
i see my oncologist tomorrow. good luck to me.
i am so, so looking forward to having a weekend at home. finally.
there may be a canyoneering trip in my near future. happy face.
we are trying to catch a furry friend who has somehow managed to get into the house. gross. vermin. we need to borrow a cat;)

anyway...toodles for now.



Monday, March 30, 2015

new orleans | photo overload

i went to new orleans for a few days for an eROP meeting. i do all the imaging for the university of utah and primary children's medical center for retinopathy of prematurity and am the certified imager for the eROP study. anyway, had some time do some exploring...

we walked to one of many cemeteries because we were curious. the oldest grave we found that we could read was 1770. it was a super cool place to take photos. a few of the graves were pretty creepy.


in the windows. lots of cool art galleries and street performers on royal street. i had to shorten this video a lot to make it fit, but you get the idea!

bourbon street. need i say more. once was enough for me.

we had to go to cafe du monde so my friends could try a beignet! they were making yummy sounds so i am assuming they were delicious! 

just a few random scenes while walking around mostly the french quarter. we stayed at the ritz carlton on canal street, so everything was really close and the hotel was fabulous.

one evening we at brennan's and it was fantastic! i recommend it if you are going to new orleans. get the chocolate mousse. wow! and the japanese amberjack crudo pictured above was to die for! so was the fillet and bananas. the evening we arrived we went out for dinner and i can't remember the name of the place, but i had blackened red fish and it was really good.

the trolley on st charles is the oldest running trolley system in the world! we went for a ride of course!

getting home was a nightmare. our flight leaving new orleans on friday afternoon left a half hour late causing us to miss our connecting flight in miami. we had to stay the night and catch a flight on saturday morning with a long layover in dallas then home. four airports, three airplanes and almost 24 hours later. worst.

anyway, that's the trip report.  toodles for now.