Tuesday, July 29, 2014

hidden peak and a ride in city creek canyon

friday some the neighbors came over for a little late night game playing on my back porch.
saturday we were up early and got lots of stuff done at home and i decided i better give my ankle a rest day.
sunday i had to get the wiggles out.

so, i rode up city creek canyon on my rode bike in the morning before church and i hiked up hidden peak at snowbird after church. it was only 74 degrees on top and it felt so good. the clouds were all drama and the sun was playing hide and seek. also, can you see twin peaks? i love utah.

then o took me on a motorcycle ride and when we got back i made big smoothies and we watched noah.

the end.



Monday, July 28, 2014

mount nebo //\\ the highest peak in the wasatch front

i had the day off on july 24th for pioneer day, so i decided get on top of mount nebo and out of my crazy neighborhood and away from all the people. ya, i live near liberty park. need i say more?

i approached from the north and started from the mona pole trail head, which is on the west side. it took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the trail head from my house in downtown salt lake city. you drive on a scenic byway for 25 miles after going through the town of payson and it is really pretty, but winding and slow:) there were only a handful of people on the trail and i had the top of the mountain all to myself. there is a fantastic amount of ridge walking and some hands down scrambling to get to the top and it is steep. i saw some awesome sea shell fossils right near the top that i may have missed had i not been scrambling. i had a great time and finished the round trip in just under 4 hours with my still very swollen sprained ankle. i was stepping gingerly for sure as to not re-injure it. anyway, i have been wanting to go and so i finally did!

in the evening we had the annual 24th of july bbq with all of our neighbors at emmett and marissa's. we did fireworks and stayed up late having a great time like always.

happy monday and sweet dreams lovers!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

oh hey! it's been a while...


tv on the radio // o and i went and heard them play thursday night

maybird gulch // my trail run on saturday morning in little cottonwood canyon. i sprained my ankle bad for the first time ever. can you believe i have gone this long without spraining it? it is fat and puffy and bruised and generally sad looking. i had a fast, energetic run up and rolled it hard at the very top when i turned around and started running down. it was a steep section full of rocks and i was coming down at sort of a side angle. oops. i saw a marmot and a hen on the trail:) bonus.

snowbird // after my run, i headed up the road to see my friend, mark, finish the speedgoat race. i hung out under the trader joe's tent with my friends in the shade while my ankle swelled up like a balloon. it was bloody hot on saturday. i was so happy that anna frost won for the women. she is my fave. she is so strong and didn't even look tired. the turn out at the race was much better than last year and they had it set up differently at the finish line and i think it was a big improvement.

back porch // sunday morning breakfast
wild rice cakes
avocado with pink sea salt
crushed raspberries with chia seeds and pb underneath
plain kefir

i had one of the best massages ever over the weekend. oh man it was good and it was 80 minutes long!

i lifted so many weights at the gym last night my arms feel like they may fall off today. hurts so good.

i was a total loner at the track this morning, but it was ok because i needed to take it light and easy on the ankle.

i may go backpacking in the wind rivers in august! i just need to see if i can get the days off. and, i might be a pacer for brad at the run rabbit run race in steamboat springs in september. i am also thinking about signing up for the north face endurance challenge trail marathon in october which is the week before i go to the grand canyon and then the next week i will go to chicago for aao where they will be presenting the results of the eROP study. yowza!

i can't believe july is nearly over. next thing you know it will be christmas again...

hope your week is off to a happy start my lovers!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

full moon | race | lake time | baking up a storm = a summer weekend

the moon was amazing this weekend! i loved seeing it in the west early saturday morning on my way to the race.
i was not expecting to feel or do well after being so very sick all week, but i felt pretty good saturday. i ran the 8 mile distance and came in second again. the same woman beat me!  dang it. i have one more chance to beat her next month on the 11 mile. will i succeed? she's a cool cat. also, i look stupid.

sun ray on ma lip:)

saturday afternoon i went with the neighbors to east canyon state park. they brought their kayaks and we swam, paddled and soaked up some sun. too bad o didn't feel good enough to go with us. we ended the day with burgers and sweet potato fries with sand between our toes.

my post race lunch // i made zucchini and summer squash noodles and threw in some red onion, red pepper flakes, pink sea salt, sun dried tomatoes that i roasted in the oven, salmon and avocado. i also made a smoothie for o and i with fresh apples, oranges, apricots, strawberries, peaches, dates and a splash of tangerine juice and kefir. 

i really love to cook breakfast on sunday morning with some ella fitzgerald singing in the background and then we eat it out on the porch. i made a gluten free/dairy free quiche. for the crust i just mixed a little cornmeal, brown rice flour and coconut oil and then layered some thin slice zucchini on top and baked it for a bit while i mixed up the egg part // egg, flax milk, spinach, red onion, fresh dill, red pepper, tomato...it was quite tasty. i just ate the last two pieces for breakfast this morning when i got home from the track where coach vickie tried to kill me:) speed drills. ouch.

sunday afternoon i did a little gluten free baking. i made this citrus polenta cake that i love and these vegan brownies that i also love.

i used kefir in place of the buttermilk in the polenta cake because kefir is the only dairy i consume and it worked beautifully. i used honey instead of refined sugar, olive oil instead of butter and sweet brown rice flour instead of almond meal. i also mad a glaze with honey, powdered sugar, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice and poured it over the cake about 5 minutes after taking it out of the oven. it soaked it right up and made it even more fabulous than ever! especially the next day because the lemon and orange zest in the cake became all plump with the extra fluid. it really turned out like a dense, wet pound cake:)

^^i have made also made a vegan version of the cake before. i just used applesauce in stead of kefir or buttermilk and flax eggs instead of regular eggs. super easy.

guess who we got to see for an hour last night? they were headed back through salt lake on their way from oregon to p town so we had a quick bite together. yay!

hope your week is off to a good start lovers!



Friday, July 11, 2014


blooms in my garden // scene from alexander basin // chaperoning gus. call me the wasp protector. gonna need a cape for this job...

this is my first day back at work since last thursday. damn you straight to hell streptococcus a strain. you evil bastard! language.

so, i will probably come in last place in my race tomorrow.

how was your week?

the weekend will be full of unicorns, puffy clouds, blue sky and ____________________...
fill in the blank.



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i am sick + my dog almost died + scenes from the 4th of july = sounds like a country song


 a few scenes from the 4th of july // when my phone wasn't dead

me and my pearl izumi's went up mt timpanogos via aspen grove in the morning. it was quite fabulous. when i got home and cleaned up, i got food ready and the cutie pies showed up! only they had boogery noses and jules was sick. and she got sicker. we played and had ice cream cones and did fireworks. and jules got sicker and spent all day on saturday in bed. i made her smoothies and tea and oatmeal. lehua and the kids and i went got lots of fruits and veggies to snack on and a plastic pool and spent the entire day in my backyard. micah and noble have this really fun sprinkler attachment that was a total hit. then they left before the sun came up on sunday morning:(

after church i went up alexander basin in millcreek canyon and i felt like i had zero energy and like i was trying way harder than i should have to. i came home and then...

gus got stung by a wasp and almost died and i got julee's sickness.

we had to do an epi pen on him. o took him to an emergency vet in the middle of the night and she didn't know anything about bulldogs and wouldn't listen to owen. so he continued to be swollen, have breathing problems and vomit literally all night long and most of the morning until we could get him to bulldog vet who filled him up with steroids and took care of him. we had to keep a really close eye on him, but he is out of the woods now and eating again. i have washed nine thousand barf covered rags and towels. seriously, nine thousand.

in the meantime i have fever, massive headache, eye pain, light sensitivity, joint pain, sore throat, neck and back pain, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, diarrhea,  loss of appetite...not pretty my friends. still in my bed. went to the doctor today. i hate this. poor jules had to travel feeling like this. boo. is it strep or mono? i will find out in the next couple of days from my blood work. in the mean time, i can't swallow so no worries.

the second race of the solitude series is this saturday. i am sad. i doubt i can race? and my paid time off bank that i have slowly built back up at work is dwindling away as we speak. i really really really hope o doesn't get sick. cross your fingers.

keep on keepin on is what i always say!



ps mount timpanogos is totally amazing isn't it?!