Friday, June 24, 2016

pool + lake | gotta stay in the water when your in southern utah to stay cool! weekend scenes part II

we had so much fun knee boarding and tubing out on the boat and playing in the pool at cory's place last weekend. except for when cory tried to kill me on the tube and kara was laughing so hard at me i thought she might pass out;) the photos speak for themselves! good times.

i'm headed up pfeifferhorn tomorrow. i'm taking my friend julie and she has never been. it will be my first time up this year. i hope she enjoys it!

have an adventurous weekend lovers!



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

zion narrows backpacking weekend | part I

every june my siblings and i plan a long weekend together that includes a backpacking trip. we have so much fun! i look forward to it so much! my bothers and sisters are the coolest people and we have a fantastic time together. this year angie and brad weren't able to make it out here and jordi and jay weren't able to come backpacking, but they were there for all the rest of the festivities.

we all arrived at cory and kara's house in st george thursday afternoon. we had dinner and loaded up our packs. we used a private shuttle service to pick us up at the visitors center in zion friday morning and take us to the top of the narrows. we hiked 12 miles the first day and we were in the very last campsite. we played and tooled around on logs and in the waterfall and had a great time.

some other hikers decided to hike up and through our camp saturday morning instead of swimming the section in the water and one group walked up on kara taking a pee and then another group decided to do the same thing and they walked up on me going to the bathroom and matt made them turn around! i'm pretty sure these guys just didn't want to do that swim because it was early and still chilly out and the water was cold, but come on! that's what you came here to do, don't come traipsing through our camp. swim your ass through the river;) chumps!

we finished hiking out on saturday and went in to springdale for some grub and then headed back to the house and spent the rest of the day in the pool with music and cold beverages. we ran out to kilo's for a treat. you must go! salted carmel and banana. to die for. and of course we watched rush hour!

o and i had many many many an adventure in zion over the past 20 years. we went on our honey moon there! i thought about him the entire time and talked about him a lot. it was pretty therapeutic actually.

i love my family more than anything.

toodles for now.



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

spontaneity + desert adventure = w e e k e n d s c e n e s

my brother cory called me friday night and told me he was drawn for permits to go into the subway down in zion sunday. so, i woke up early saturday morning and got a good hike in. i ran into a good sized diamond back rattle snake! i had to back step quickly. first one i've run into this year. after that, i threw my stuff in the car and headed down to st george. 

i've done the subway both ways. with gear from the top down and also as an up and back hike from the bottom. we hiked up and back on sunday and had so much fun! my nephews are hilarious. i love hanging out with them. i'm pretty sure we spent at least an hour quoting scenes from the rush hour movies and laughing our heads off. we grabbed some mexican food in springdale afterward and i headed home. quick trip. totally worth it. and i'm heading back on thursday so we can do the zion narrows;)