Monday, January 26, 2015

"you would make a good lover"

said an 84 year old male patient as he grabbed me around my waist and held on as he stood up from the exam chair.

i hate mondays.

but, i hope yours is going great!



ps hubba hubba

pps why is it 50 degrees outside? it should be cold and snowy.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

chewed up and spit out // but, still plugging along!

i had biopsies number 9 and 10 at my oncology visit last thursday. funny story...the biopsies were made way up at the top of my right leg on the inside by my groin. ya, way up there. i have to get naked for these appointments except for some panties. i think they just let me keep those on so i can feel like i have kept some dignity because they have to pull those up, down, out and every which way in order see my ass and every other part. they are nice like that;-) anyway, i spent most of my appointment spread eagle with 3 dudes examining, marking, photographing, injecting, cutting and suturing next to my nether region! it is my job to keep it light, so we talked snowshoeing and all was well in the world. good thing i'm not shy.

i will be starting 3rd line of treatment which is an anti neoplastic drug. isn't it so damn cool with today's technology and developments in medical science that some of these agents can target just the cancerous cells? i think so.

i think it is key to keep a good sense of humor and a positive attitude about things. the alternative blows. that isn't to say that some days i am not thinking, eff this. believe me i feel sorry for myself sometimes. i'm human. i have it pretty damn good though.

i spent tuesday at home throwing up and stuff. wah.

i did this to my little pig yesterday morning. and yes, this is the same foot that has kept from running for 5 weeks now. i tell ya...

guess what though? i get to start running on the alterg treadmill this week at the orthopedic center! woot! i could not be more excited to start running again.

my little, kimberly, turned 16! we will be doing a bit of celebrating with her this weekend.

mel and i got to catch up with a couple of our favorite people recently. our friend julia was visiting from new york city with her little family for some skiing at solitude. she came into town to meet us for dinner at pago. so delicious. plus, she is one of my most favorite gals on the planet. also, we got hang out with our friend akbar for a bit a couple of weeks ago. double bonus is that he has moved back to salt lake from new york city and will be an attending here at the moran eye center!

we have a few house projects and little additions we have been working on lately. i need to snap a few photos. i will. promise.

i want to see meru film at sundance really bad. tickets are probably sold out. jimmy chin, renan ozturk, taylor rees and conrad anker are some some of my favorite people to follow on instagram.

lots of good and some bad.

it's almost the weekend again. finish out your week with a bang! and be nice. smile at the homeless person and say hi. chances are you wouldn't last a second in their shoes.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

january // meh

dear january,

you are not the best of months.



2015 is not off to a stellar start. things have not been going all that well for me these days.

i missed most of the work week last week. it was miserable, but i survived.

i am not running. my last run was 3 weeks and 3 days ago. i am still no impact for one more week and then i can start running at 75 percent of my body weight at the orthopedic center and gradually build up over weeks to regular running. my right foot pain turned out to be periostitis and marrow edema. glad for no fracture, but moab red hot race in february is out. a total disappointment to me because it is my favorite race of the year. i always look forward to running it again the second i cross the finish line.

i have been working hard to keep my fitness, but my foot is on the small scale of things wrong with my body right now. i see my oncologist this week. it is likely i will start a new treatment per the last discussion we had. the one where he told me i wouldn't like him very much once he started me on it.

i haven't tolerated the large dose of iron i have been on for my anemia well at all. it had to be cut way back. the down side to that is the long amount of time it will take to get my low levels back up.

so, it can only be onward and upward from here right?! that's what i'm counting on so bring it! i will face it all with the best attitude i can. i will just pretend like january never happened. okeedokee.

on new year's eve we went bowling with some of our neighbors. o beat me on one of the games and he was pretty excited about it! then we all went home and after the kiddos were fast asleep, the grown ups played cards into the wee hours.


i went snowshoeing on new years day up in big cottonwood canyon.

i put the ham bone from christmas in to slow cook on new year's eve and it cooked all night and all day on new years and we had joey, lehua and the boys over for a candle lit dinner of ham hock and bean soup(i used anasazi beans from new mexico), salad, pistachio gelato with toasted coconut and dark chocolate and some yummy little egg nog steamers. we had our dessert in the basement while we watched a loud movie.

the moran holiday party was held at the zermatt resort in midway this year on january 3rd. we had dinner and danced and spent the night. the next morning a few of us went to breakfast in park city.

so, some bad and some good. that's life right! now we are sort of caught up.

toodles for now lovers. hope your 2015 is off to a good start!



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas 2014

we celebrated christmas with o's dad and his 3 brothers and their families the night before chistmas eve. dinner, the christmas story, presents...the whole shebang! o's brother gave me a milk frother and i love it! i use it every morning to make my almond or coconut milk foamy and perfectly warm. mmm. have you guys tried this? it is so so good! i like to thin it with regular, unsweetened coconut milk and warm it in my little machine:-)

christmas eve morning we packed up and headed to the cabin. i was beyond excited to get there! when we arrived, we were picked up by our cabin neighbors with the snow cat. they hauled us and all of our stuff in one trip! gus road up on the snowmobile with my dad just like he has for last 10 years. his first cabin christmas he was just more than 8 weeks old!

 we woke on christmas morning to lots of fresh new snow and pretty icicles.

 gus helped with the unwrapping of the gifts.

my mom and i had some serious puzzle time.

we watched movies, ate delicious food, snowshoed, rode the snowmobiles, wrestled with gus in the snow and lazed about. it was quite fabulous.

it was a quiet christmas with just us, my parents and pooches. christmas at the cabin is magical!

hope your christmas was magical too. toodles for now.



Monday, December 22, 2014

all things christmasy

i whipped up some cookies for o to take to work and for me to take over to mel and mo's place for movie and game night with justin and nathan. apparently they are pretty tasty. i didn't make them so i could have any. i wanted people to actually enjoy them;-)

 finally got the neighbor deliveries made.

we went to dinner with joey, lehua, micah and noble durning the week and then we drove around to see christmas lights. christmas street in sugar house was so festive and fun. the kids made us go up and down twice!

o and i took my little, kimberly to the ballet on saturday night to see the nutcracker. funny story: we left the house at five o'clock to pick up kimberly and go eat dinner at the red iguana. we thought because it was early, we would be able to get dinner there and be to the theater on time. there was an hour wait. we left in search of a different and faster option. we found parking near squatters so we decided to just grab dinner there and walk over. then we realized we forgot the tickets because we left the house in a rush! kimberly and i went in to wait for a  table and o ran home for the tickets. we were running out of time! we decided to make a to go order. they brought out our food just as o pulled up to park the car again. i asked o why it took him so long. well, he grabbed the tickets from the kitchen counter and started heading back over and halfway there he realized he had only grabbed 2 of the tickets! he had to turn around and go back again. we had a picnic in the car with the heater on and christmas music playing. kimberly was highly amused by the whole situation;-) and we made it to our seats with time to spare! o said the experience would be more memorable this way. afterward she went with us to make our 12 days of christmas delivery.we only have three deliveries left! we picked up a big, yummy ham to leave on christmas eve.

i think i went on the last run i will be going on for a while with vic on saturday morning. i saw my sports medicine doctor last week and did some physical therapy. we were hoping it was a tendon overuse thing and that with some strengthening and less running it would get better and not be a stress fracture. it hurt worse than usual on the run saturday and by sunday the top of my foot had some swelling.  boo. i may not be running red hot in february after all. i hope that is not the case because it is my favorite race of the year. life will go on.

only one more day of work this week! then it's off to the snowy mountains!

toodles for now.



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

some weekend scenes!

 in the kitchen // baking and candy making to deliver to my neighbors for christmas

date night // had me a hot date with vickie this weekend;-) we walked to dinner at saffron valley and then we walked downtown to see the lights at temple square. magical.
macaroon // owen and i, mel and moses went with justin to hear his partner, nathan, sing with the salt lake men's choir sunday evening. they do a christmas concert every year and it has become a little tradition. we stopped for cookies and warm beverages on the way;-)

o and i are having our sunday school class do the 12 days of christmas with us for a family in our neighborhood. we are having fun with it! they helped us plan it and we took them shopping to pick out the gifts. we also had them pick out christmas quotes and scriptures and i made little christmas tags to attach to each gift. it was so fun to see the christmas tree we gave them the first night glowing in the window. service is fun and good for the soul. helps me remember what christmas is really about and it is magical.

toodles for now!



Friday, December 12, 2014

thanksgiving 2014 // picture overload

i know. ancient history...
vickie and i ran in the turkey trot race in city creek canyon on thanksgiving morning. we a had a great time and vickie came in first place in her age group. woot! go vic!

after the race, i drove down to st george where everyone was trying to wait patiently for me to arrive so they could eat! the started without me and i don't blame them! all of my siblings, their kids and my parents were there. that is the first time we were all together in a long time. minus owen. he flew down on saturday. he had to work :'(

the weather was amazing. we hiked, ran trail, rode motorcycles and bikes, ate a lot, stayed up way too late and cruised in cory's winnebago! all of my siblings and i escaped for a bit and and took the big boy for a spin and i drove! on the freeway!

my sister, angie, made the most amazing gluten/dairy free chocolate pecan pie! i shit you not, it may have brought a tear to my eye and new fat cells to my thighs.

some of these pictures were taken with my phone and some with my sisters phones.

have a fabulous weekend lovers!  toodles for now...