Tuesday, December 16, 2014

some weekend scenes!

 in the kitchen // baking and candy making to deliver to my neighbors for christmas

date night // had me a hot date with vickie this weekend;-) we walked to dinner at saffron valley and then we walked downtown to see the lights at temple square. magical.
macaroon // owen and i, mel and moses went with justin to hear his partner, nathan, sing with the salt lake men's choir sunday evening. they do a christmas concert every year and it has become a little tradition. we stopped for cookies and warm beverages on the way;-)

o and i are having our sunday school class do the 12 days of christmas with us for a family in our neighborhood. we are having fun with it! they helped us plan it and we took them shopping to pick out the gifts. we also had them pick out christmas quotes and scriptures and i made little christmas tags to attach to each gift. it was so fun to see the christmas tree we gave them the first night glowing in the window. service is fun and good for the soul. helps me remember what christmas is really about and it is magical.

toodles for now!



Friday, December 12, 2014

thanksgiving 2014 // picture overload

i know. ancient history...
vickie and i ran in the turkey trot race in city creek canyon on thanksgiving morning. we a had a great time and vickie came in first place in her age group. woot! go vic!

after the race, i drove down to st george where everyone was trying to wait patiently for me to arrive so they could eat! the started without me and i don't blame them! all of my siblings, their kids and my parents were there. that is the first time we were all together in a long time. minus owen. he flew down on saturday. he had to work :'(

the weather was amazing. we hiked, ran trail, rode motorcycles and bikes, ate a lot, stayed up way too late and cruised in cory's winnebago! all of my siblings and i escaped for a bit and and took the big boy for a spin and i drove! on the freeway!

my sister, angie, made the most amazing gluten/dairy free chocolate pecan pie! i shit you not, it may have brought a tear to my eye and new fat cells to my thighs.

some of these pictures were taken with my phone and some with my sisters phones.

have a fabulous weekend lovers!  toodles for now...



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

17 years

guys i am working on a thanksgiving post.

in other news

o and i had our 17th anniversary on saturday! i can't believe we have been married since 1997!

we old.

xo lovers,


ps it was a full moon on saturday too. bonus!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


holy hell! i can't find time to post.

but, i will!

toodles for now.



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

feeling alright // just keep running...music and inspiration. placeholders.

this is a fantastic remix // warpaint + daughter. yes.

JUST KEEP RUNNING from smart as productions on Vimeo.

ruby muir is awesome.

hope you are have a fantastic tuesday lovers!



Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hi...and, put a white ribbon on today to support eliminating violence against women | november 25

 i went with other volunteers from moran eye center to do a free eye clinic on the navajo reservation in montezuma creek. we left right from work on friday night in three separate vehicles. thank goodness we were in a suburban because we hit a deer near monticello and it  really smashed up the front good. poor fella. anyway, we made it to blanding where we stayed for the night. it was a very long day. we all got up early and headed to the clinic where we did exams on over 100 patients. we had 2 physicians, 8 technicians and few others to make it happen. it was a good day and we were super busy! when we were finished we started the drive home. we stopped in moab for a break and some food at eddy mcstiff's. we got in at about midnight and o picked a few of us up and took us home. i was soooooooooooo tired. i took a hot shower and went to bed. hope i am invited to go again...
have you tried gluten freeda oatmeal? it is fast and fabulous for breakfast! it cooks up super thick. i cook mine with almond milk, and then i top it with things like raw coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds pecans, bananas, blueberries and cinnamon. breakfast is a ritual for me. i always run before breakfast and then i come in the door and take off my headlamp, hat gloves, jacket, socks and then i make two bowls of oatmeal. one for me. one for o. and we sit at the kitchen table and eat while the sun comes up. and then, off to work! i shower first of course:-)
mmmm. o picked up some sashimi grade tuna at trader joe's on saturday and we seared it and had with black rice on sunday for dinner. it was delicious!

o and i put up christmas on sunday afternoon! i know it is early, but i don't care. i bought those little kissing elves at the gift shop in huntsman when i went to my last appointment. aren't they cute? our house feels so festive and cozy.

it's a short work week. yay!