Thursday, October 16, 2014

since we last talked...

i missed the grand canyon running rim to rim trip.

i found out that i am very anemic. which explains a lot about the last few months. and it's nice to know i am not crazy. i knew something was wrong. imagine how much better i could have raced! damn. we are working on fixing it, but it won't be fast.

i made the best loaves gluten free/diary free pumpkin bread in the history of the world.

i am lifting heavier weights than i have ever been able to before. getting strong. now if we can just get some oxygen to my muscles! i never thought that weight training would be something i would enjoy, but i really do.

i put up halloween decorations. it's all festive and stuff. bought these.

went on a night trail run with the full mooners and we beat the moon to the top and we sat on the rocks and watch it rise!

took care of o while he had the flu for a week.

we have been looking forward to the new tv on the radio album coming out. another song was released and it is really good. careful you.

my sister, angie, will be coming into town tonight and she will stay with us! i will have tonight and the day tomorrow to spend with her. yay for sisters!

i fly to chicago tomorrow night for a few days to attend ophthalmic imaging conferences. should be good.

hope all is well in your universe lovers!



Tuesday, October 7, 2014

north face endurance challenge //\\ i ran my first mountain marathon

i was totally nervous about running this race. my runs have not been going fabulously leading up to this race and i was worried i wouldn't have a good day or even finish. but, it turned out to be a great day and now i wish i would have taken the downhill portions faster!

the race started and ended at the park city ski resort. the weather was perfect. it was chilly starting out, but that little jacket came off about 2 miles in along with the gloves. the course was beautiful and the trees were neon. i didn't stop to take any pictures though. i did have to stop and pee twice:-)

at the aid stations i only drank coke and ate boiled red potato pieces dipped in salt. i didn't quite eat the whole package of pro bar energy chews in my side pocket and hydrated with just water and my stomach held up nicely. oh, and a few skittles that tasted mighty fine.

the elevation gain was just over 6,400 feet with total elevation change of 12,822 ft. the race started at 7,000 feet with the highest point at approx 10,000 feet. it all felt quite runnable. you can see the course map here

i came in 3rd in my division, 8th woman and 27th overall. it was a fun day!

sweet dreams lovers. toodles for now...



Friday, October 3, 2014


tv on the radio is coming out with a new album! here is one of the songs and me likey // happy idiot

Thursday, October 2, 2014


hi. where have you been all my life?

i can't believe it is october already.

dear autumn,

you are the best of seasons.



it's been a shitty time since i last posted with a few bright spots mixed in. saturday morning i headed up to snowbird to run in the hidden peak race and they cancelled right when i got there because the weather was bad. so, my friend mark and i went up and down the mountain anyway! it was beautiful and wet and chilly. good times. a few other racers had the same idea :-)

toodles for now lovers.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

running, baking, soup making

 putting lots of miles on the legs. best time of year to be running on trails! this is city creek.
polished off the rest of the vegetables from my moms garden for lunch

friday night i baked gf/dairy free tart cherry almond cookies. i took them outside and shared them with the neighbors while they were warm and melty. i also made roasted butternut squash soup. and, yum.
vick and i put 15 miles on our legs running in corner canyon saturday morning. can you see lone peak?! she is a machine. we did 5 miles around liberty park sunday morning to shake those legs out.

i took my little up to oktoberfest at snowbird. we rode the tram and it rained and snowed and they had to switch to diesel power. we ate a bratwurst and some sauerkraut. she had never been up little cottonwood canyon before! so this was all new stuff for her! she loved it all except for the sauerkraut. that's ok though, i polished it of easily!

gussy soaking up the last of the summer rays.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

fall is in the air

i had a really good weekend. it started on friday night dining alfresco with neighbors in karl's front yard to celebrate the birthdays of karl and lehua and afterward a couple of us gals went for a late night stroll around liberty park a couple of times with the pooches(too bad gussy can't go on walks anymore. poor little fella).

saturday morning vickie and i got 12.5 miles of trail running in. we never ever run out of things to talk about. love her. i went home and spent a couple of hours in the kitchen. i made a big pot of chili and used a bunch of the tomatoes my mom gave me from her garden. while that was simmering away i used the zucchini she gave me and made two loaves a gf zucchini bread! mmmmmmm. then i met back up with vickie and her friends at the 9th and 9th street fair. boy was it hot out!

sunday was church and o and i bbq'd and chilled on the back porch and i went for my bi-weekly massage.

i have been super bad about taking any pictures lately. i will be better! that creeper above was hanging out on my dirty dining room window on saturday. i think he wanted to come in for some chili and zucchini bread.

hope your week is starting out stellar lovers.



Thursday, September 11, 2014

i'm not dead.

hope you have been enjoying that big full moon! let's catch up shall we?

mel and i enjoyed the sex and gender conference on friday. there were some really fantastic research projects.

i ran trail with my friend vickie on saturday morning. she is my favorite person to run with. too bad i started my period that morning and had cramps so bad i felt like i was going to birth my own uterus the whole time. damn you lady parts!

i also went on my first outing with my little on saturday evening. she is the cutest and we got along great! i am looking forward to getting to know her better. she is very smart and seems to be outgoing and we had an easy time talking to each other.

i saw my oncologist on thursday. we did blood work(checking out the ole liver) and two new biopsies.

my parents stayed with us sunday night and they brought me lots of vegetables from their garden. tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers, beets...! i ate so many beets already that my pee has been pink for a couple of days! tmi

my friend is the executive director of the utah film center and tonight at rose wagner preforming arts center they are showing, wonder women! the untold stories of american superheroines. mel and i are excited to attend. and it's free! so you should go too! i am even missing a late night trail run with the peeps tonight. i know.

i've had a lot of crappy days lately, but i am feeling better and more positive today. plus, mel took my stitches out for me. friends;-)

ok, good talk.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

roller coasters and other things...

this is pretty much the only photo i took this weekend! did you know i love riding roller coasters? i do.

i got in a couple of good trail runs at snowbird and on the shoreline, worked on my yard, went with o to lagoon for the moran summer party, and made a couple of necklaces among various other chores and such. but, one of the highlights of my weekend was the movie i took myself to last night. i went and saw the hundred foot journey   i loved everything about this movie! i highly recommend it. just don't go to it hungry like i did.

i have a lot going on this week so it was nice to have the day yesterday. i meet the little sister i have been matched with and will mentor tonight along with the family! i am nervous/excited. i hope we hit it off. i won't be able to talk here about any specific details because of confidentiality, but i will love sharing some appropriate bits and pieces of the experience with you.

tomorrow i am able to attend a women's sex and gender research conference here at the university of utah which is just something i am looking forward to:-)

thursday i have a visit with my oncologist after a 3 month hiatus.

i signed up for the north face endurance challenge trail marathon today. i am still  not sure i will be able to run that far because of my ankle, but i got a big discount on the entry fee and decided to just sign up and if i am not preforming well and feeling good then c'est la vie.

my mom sent me this fun surprise in the mail!!! i love it.

i hope your week is off to a good start!  be compassionate!



Thursday, August 28, 2014

nigh time on the trail

late night jaunt up to the top of mount olympus last night with orion and pals. fantastic!

happy thursday lovers. xo,


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


breakfast // a very wet and rainy trail run in my mountains where there were copious amounts of weird mushrooms // three bull terriers at the farmers market // sweet potato dinner // my church feet // porch fire

my favorite part of the weekend was the part where o built a little fire on the porch on sunday night and we sat out there and had dinner and read our books forever and it rained + eating the peaches i bought at the market.

i am so tired today i fear i may die. i stayed up way too late reading my book last night and couldn't sleep anyway and got up before the sun and ran my heart out. we are going to dinner tonight with o's dad and step mom and i am probably going to fall asleep in my plate of food.

hope your week is off to a good start! be nice.



ps i live in these pants. you must get a pair.

Friday, August 22, 2014

+ etsy favorites +

because this square ring + this half moon ring. perfect.

these triangles + a plus soft t shirt. it is so right.

this moon print + metallic copper ink. because, the moon! yes.

and this one too. la luna.

because this feather ring + pretty and simple + rose gold. nice.

these notebooks. because, obviously. mountains.

a rainy day tea towel. and the hamper too. ah.

ok, ok. i will stop now...



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

36 | my brother says i am on the death slide to 40

i was born // this leo turned 36 years old yesterday. i ran and saw the hot pink sunrise and then i worked and went to dinner with o and friends. o gave me a card that made me laugh out loud and a nice gift. mel bought me lunch, made me the most tasty grain/diary free chocolate chip cookies(made out of beans, dates, pb!) and gave me two new books to read! sunday night lehua and christine put together a fabulous mexican front yard feast to celebrate both mine and marissa's birthdays! i tell ya, good peeps! thanks everyone! oh, and thanks to the person that left the pretty plant on my front porch?

i had the pleasure of racing against deb again on saturday. she is a better runner than me for sure, but guess what? i finally beat her! i didn't get any points for the day because i came in 4th. deb scored the most points overall and won the series. she is awesome and so nice and no one deserved to win more! i hope to run with her more before the season is over.

 i made it to the farmers market for the first time this summer on saturday. i came home with string beans, peaches, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, eggplant, radish salsa, dried tart cherries...i baked a delicious peach crisp and o ate his with cream on it! i roasted the eggplant and some of the squash and made a dip, but it turned out really bitter. i didn't know to soak the eggplant before roasting it. next time.
 i also had the best pulled pork i have ever tasted while i was at the farmers market for lunch.
 and i do not recommend the cricket bar. it tastes so weird. o agreed.
 these plums. they smell and taste amazing. plus, they are pretty. i want to make some freezer jam.

oooh, and some birthday bling made by the neighbor kiddos just for me. thanks jack and sophie!

i've been sporting a yucky cold since saturday and it seems to be taking up residence in my chest today. what is with this nastiness?

hope your week is starting off happy lovers.